Mission Bite #41: A Team Effort

"Last week, a number of children attended the Persian service. Three cousins from an Afghan family were cared for by our small child care team while their parents went to worship. These children were full of energy. We talked A LOT about forgiveness. A crisis arose when the youngest child bit a hole in the beautiful map of Afghanistan and the surrounding countries drawn by a 10-year-old. However, by the end of the two hours, the 10-year-old was leading the youngest child in a game of 'Simon Says.' Perfect imitation complete with peaceful interaction, admiration and good will. It took a team of dedicated workers to minister to the children so the mothers (and father) could hear the sermon, sing worship songs and pray. But the end result was heartfelt gratitude from all the mothers!"

- Pat, CBF field personnel serving with U.S. Persian Ministry