Mission Bite #46: Transforming lives for eternity

"Without a doubt, your gifts and contributions are touching and transforming lives for eternity. How Kormariayya met Christ is nothing but a miracle. Being a snake charmer all his life, he used to catch cobra snakes, put them around his neck and walk in the community to earn money from cobra snake worshipers. One day, a cobra snake bit Komariayya and he was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. The doctor gave up hope and told the family he would die in about an hour's time, so they should take him home make plans for his funeral. Instead, his sons took Komariayya to church. The pastor and several church members joined Komariayya's family and prayed. God gave Komariayya a second chance! He accepted Christ, was baptized and joined the church where his sons are members. Because of God's miracle and Komariayya's second life, now many in that village are learning more about Christ and joining the church. Without a doubt, God is up to something in Chelpur and a lot of neat things are taking place."

- Pastor Jonah in Chelpur, India, partner of CBF field personnel, Sam Bandela