Mission Bite #48: Seeing it for the first time

"An amazing thing happened. One of our newest students, Ben, from the mainland of China, had only attended our Tues./Thurs. English conversation classes a few times. in July he joined the Wednesday Bible Reading class for the first time. As soon as he walked in the classroom, he went straight to the table where the Bibles were laid out ready for class. Picking up one of the Bibles and excitingly thumbing through it he said under his breath, 'My first time to see a Bible.' I asked, 'Ben, did you say it's your first time to see a Bible?' He confirmed: 'Yes!' That moment was so special to witness. He fully participated in our class, and afterward, I gave him a Chinese-English New Testament and encouraged him to start reading it so we could talk more about it. This experience has challenged us to read the Bible with enthusiasm as if it were the first time seeing God's written word."

- Sarah Ballew, CBF field personnel in Macau, China