Mission Bite #49: Accessing resources for success

"Melanie's mom doesn't speak English well, and she didn't understand much about high school. I had lunch with Melanie, who told me she had been selected to participate in her school district's International Baccalaureate program, but she didn't think her parents would have the time or money for her to participate. Melanie, the oldest of four children, wants to become a pediatrician. After explaining the IB program to her parents, they agreed that this was an honor and an opportunity that she shouldn't pass up. We loaned her a computer, helped her enroll in a summer Algebra class, and found a tutor for her. Central American parents, many with only an elementary school education, want their children to succeed, but often lack the language or educational background necessary to fully understand how to help them reach their goals. Melanie is an excellent student, setting an example for others, and making her parents very proud."

- Greg and Sue Smith, CBF field personnel in Fredericksburg, Va.