Mission Bite #50: New field personnel commissioned to serve

"At the 2017 CBF General Assembly, four individuals were commissioned to serve as CBF field personnel in locations in the United States and China. Lesley-Ann Hix Tommey will join Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, and Brittany and Casey Ramirez will serve alongside the Christian church in Chengdu, China. Stephanie Vance will transition into a role as Area Coordinator for Mission Teams with CBF Global Missions, leading the Rural Americas Team and continuing her leadership responsibilities with Together for Hope, CBF's rural poverty coalition.'You cannot do this work alone, and we cannot do it without you,' CBF Global Missions Coordinator Steven Porter told the new field personnel. 'But make no mistake, this commissioning demands as much of us as it does for you. As a Fellowship, we have committed to support -- to pray for, to pay for and to partner with field personnel who have planted their lives in some places most of us couldn't find on a map.'"