Mission Bite #63: Wrapped in comfort and peace

"With Christmas nearing, I reflect on my family and my Karen, Chin and Karenni friends who think of me as one of their own. I sit in the chapel in our Karen language worship. My Karen friends around me sing old familiar hymns and Christmas carols. Their voices flow around my heart in a familiar foreign language that fills my soul with joy and peace.

This past year and a half has been difficult. My father, mother and uncle passed away. The distance between me and my siblings has prevented me from being part of the grieving and healing process, but being in the loving fellowship of my beloved community, the people of Burma living in Louisville, I have been surrounded and wrapped in God's comfort and peace. How wonderful it is to be in this Beloved Community.

I pray that each of you find your home in the beloved community of faith that surrounds you, and let God give you the peace and joy of Christ this Christmas season."

- Steve Clark, CBF field personnel in Louisville, Ky.