Mission Bite #99: The Value of Relationships

CBF field personnel Karen Morrow shares with others that refugees resettled in the United States receive pre-planned support for six months. That includes the basics, such as a place to live, homemaking necessities, a first job. “But from then on, they’re lost,” she says, explaining newcomers still need help learning to adjust to and fit into their adopted country.

“A Congolese father told me: ‘We do not want your things (although they still could use more things). We want your relationship. Where we came from, our aunties and uncles taught us how to make a life. We do not know how to live here.’ So, we’re here to create community, to make them feel welcome, to teach them how to live here.”

Karen Morrow does that in the name and spirit of Christ. She crosses language, ethnic and religious barriers with friendly support and the love of Jesus.