Loaning Courage

Key Verse: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

Many of us find ourselves overwhelmed trying to calculate the risks of changing parts of our lives. We become mired in “what if’s.” Our brains lock up as we attempt to calculate the probability of a sad consequence if we attempt something good. On one hand you must calculate the cost of the bridge before you build it. And on the other hand you can’t spend your life fantasizing about the worse thing that could possibly happen. Good thing there’s always another hand.

So if you’re the type who get’s stuck chewing on your tail like the Cowardly Lion, then relax. Take baby steps. Know that whatever you’re contemplating, that restless idea, the delayed decision, the secrete dream, it won’t kill you. Say it to yourself: “Well, it can’t kill me.”

(Now, it is possible that you are considering something that could kill you. Like serving in the military or police work, windsurfing or salad-eating. But let’s stick to baby steps for now).

We need our own courage. There are almost always people in our lives who are willing to loan us some courage. In a heartbeat they would:

  • Give us a ride
  • Hold our hand
  • Cheer us on
  • Stand alongside us
  • Recruit additional friends
  • Hold the line

And these people, just like you, are busy so you will have to ask them. And you should. Your tiny courage loan request could be the very wonder that sparks their own curiosity.

You had an idea back on the mission field. You probably had 10 good ideas. Tell one of your ideas to someone who would be willing to loan you a little courage.

My idea:

My courage “loan-officer” is:

Request date:

My tiny first step is:

Tiny step date: