Are you looking to connect around your passion or practice? Do you want to become better at what you "do"? Do you wish you could find a community of support and encouragement? Do you need a place to turn with your questions on ministry?

CBF Ministry Networks are a great place for you to connect.

CBF Ministry Networks exist to provide support, encouragement, resources and conversation around similar passions and practices. Networks vary in size, commitment, gathering times and obligations. See more information about each network below.

Don't see a network that you feel called to join? Contact Josh Speight if you have suggestions for new networks or want to help facilitate a network.

CBF Youth Ministry Network
CBF Children's Ministry Network
CBF Endorsed Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors
Collegiate Ministry Network
CBF's Young Adult Network (formerly Current)
Peer Learning Group Conveners
Polyphony - Fellowship of Pastoral Musicians
HIV/AIDS Network
South Africa Network
Latino Network
Pan-African Koinonia
Affirming Network
Christian Educators Network
Advocacy Network
Church Starters Network
Mission Leaders Network
CBF Environmental Stewardship Network



The CBF Youth Ministry Network exists to support, encourage, and challenge those serving God and youth among the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We are a group of professional ministers and others who are called to work with youth and who relate to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We are serving God from coast to coast within the United States, and we advocate for young people - both in our communities and around the world. The CBF Youth Ministry Initiatives include:

  • Networking Youth Workers across the Fellowship
  • Membership for Individuals, Congregations, and Partnering Organizations
  • Youth Ministry Resource Management and Development
  • Youth Worker Advocacy
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Visit the CBF Youth Ministry Network webpage.

Leadership and Contact Information
Dane Jackson, CBFYMN President



The CBF Children's MInistry Network exists to connect individuals who offer ministry to preschoolers, children and their families. The network currently has an active presence in a closed group on Facebook. It also meets annually at ChurchWorks! Conference.

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Learn more on the Children's Ministry Network page.

Leadership and Contact Information
Carrie Veal, CBFCMN President



The network of CBF endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors exists to serve the needs of chaplains, pastoral counselors, and minsters in specialized settings. The network intends to resource and grow community and is open to anyone who shares our concern and mission, and the network allows opportunities to interact with one another, sharing concerns and resources, and for CBF to grow closer in its support and resourcing of chaplains and pastoral counselors. The network is not limited to chaplains and pastoral counselors endorsed by CBF.

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Leadership and Contact Information
Gerry Hutchinson, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Endorser
Carrol Wilson, Chaplaincy & Pastoral Counseling Assistant



This network exists to connect college ministers within CBF life and to help them form community and resource one another. The network connects at state and regional meetings of CBF.

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Leadership and Contact Information
Wanda Kidd, CBF Collegiate Ministries Specialist



This network includes individuals from the following categories of young Baptists:

  • Seminarians
  • Young Clergy (up to age 35)
  • Young adult laity (ages 21-35)
  • Those who minister alongside individuals from the above age ranges

The purpose of this network is to:

  • Continue to develop relationships with collegians and seminarians as they transition into the next phase of life/ministry
  • Provide entry points into the life of the Fellowship and the church for young adults
  • Provide fellowship and friendship opportunities across church and geographical lines
  • Create learning opportunities for ministry leadership
  • Encourage spiritual renewal, as well as mission service opportunities
  • Gather and share resources for ministering alongside young adults
  • Strengthen the church's awareness and value of the gifts of young adults

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Leadership and Contact Information
Devita Parnell, CBF Director of Young Baptist Ecosystem


This network exists to connect individuals who serve as conveners of peer learning groups across the Fellowship. Conveners play a crucial role in the ongoing development and sustainability of a peer learning group. As a result, this network provides support and encouragement, offers a regular e-newsletter, and training and fellowship at retreats and the General Assembly.

Leadership and Contact Information
Ruth Perkins Lee, Director of Church Engagement
Laura Stephens-Reed



The Fellowship of Pastoral Musicians share a passion for sacred choral and instrumental music, hymnody and the arts. The network gathers occasionally throughout the year.

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Leadership and Contact Information
Doug Haney
Eric Mathis



The HIV/AIDS Network exists to be the presence of Christ in a world touched by HIV/AIDS. Join with the HIV/AIDS Network and learn about CBF's presence.

Leadership and Contact information
Wayne Smith, Founder of Samaritan Ministry



The South Africa Network is a collection of individuals, churches and ministries committed to working with local organizations and CBF field personnel in South Africa who minster among the most neglected. Our work centers on HIV/AIDS, poverty relief and orphan care.

Leadership and Contact Information
Stephen Cook



The CBF Latino Network is La Familia — a network founded on the principles of fellowship, advocacy, ministry and missions, identity, leadership, intergenerational diversity, and alliances. La Familia aims to offer a place for Latino leaders to find a home. CBF Latino Field Coordinator Rubén Ortiz is passionate about sharing that feeling of inclusion and belonging with the growing Latino population in the United States. The CBF Latino Network offers that feeling of family to others, according to Ortiz.

For those involved in the CBF Latino Network, family is fundamental, and La Familia of CBF rests on these foundational principles:
F for fellowship — The opportunity to gather together around joys and sorrows.
A for advocacy — To defend — there are still many things the Latino community must fight for.
M for ministry and missions — It is important for us to unite and work together.
I for identity — Why are we Baptist, and what does it mean to be a Cooperative Baptist?
L for leadership — Without our leaders — lay and clergy — we would not accomplish very much.
I for intergenerational — We need to understand and appreciate the diversity within the Latino community.
A for alliances — We would not be able to do this alone.

Learn more on the Latino Network page

Leadership and Contact Information
Rubén Ortiz
Grace Martino



The Pan-African Koinonia is one of CBF's many proactive initiatives that work diligently in the fight for racial justice and reconciliation both locally (within the Americas) and globally. PAK exisits within the larger umbrella known as the Dr. Emmanuel McCall Racial Justice and Leadership Initiative. The purpose of the Dr. Emmanuel McCall Racial Justice and Leadership Initiative is to create avenues for God’s imperfect church to move toward meaningful unity between racially diverse communities.

Learn more on the McCall Initiative page

Leadership and Contact Information
Kasey Jones
Carrol Wilson
Nicole McCoy



The Affirming Network is both historic and profound. It officially acknowledges the place of LGBTQ individuals and their allies within the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s broad community in a capacity never recognized before. This is historic because LGBTQ CBF members and leaders have not been acknowledged officially by CBF within a network and have also not been allowed to speak, lead, or advocate on their behalf at the CBF General Assembly in the past. The Affirming Network will create a foundation from which LGBTQ church members and leaders can speak to their own unique experiences and advocate for full inclusion at CBF’s national level but more importantly, at the church level. This is where true heart-changing occurs because within churches, folk develop relationships with each other that erodes the “us and them” mentality of hetero-exclusivism.

The mission of the Affirming Network is multi-faceted. Primarily, it will serve as an official group and communal space of affirming CBF churches/leaders including LGBTQ folk and allies. Second, the network will create and sustain an authentic voice and presence of LGBTQ congregants and leaders within the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship who can advocate for and further inclusive policies and denominational goals. Third, the Affirming Network will provide a safe space for new and emerging LGBTQ church leaders who seek mentoring and advice from seasoned pastors who are fully open and affirming.

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Leadership and Contact Information
Bojangles Blanchard


CBF Christian Educator's Network

Our goal is to create a space for conversation, resourcing, support, and sharing, and a way to connect persons who work in the area of Christian Education/Spiritual Formation..

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Leadership and Contact Information
Frank Granger



A core commitment of CBF Advocacy is to connect advocates in CBF life to one another for the benefit of shared information and strategy as well as mutual support. CBF Advocacy is seeking to formalize the CBF Advocacy Network through the recognition of the Ministries Council.

The CBF Advocacy Network will:
• Host a gathering at ChurchWorks
• Host a breakfast at General Assembly
• Create and utilize a new database of active advocates in CBF life for sharing information
• Create a network on social media that connects CBF advocates with one another
• Share advocacy opportunities through the work of CBF partners

Growing the CBF Advocacy Network will be a primary focus of CBF Advocacy. If you might know of potential advocates within the Fellowship’s midst, please share their names with us. Stay tuned to the CBFblog and CBF social media for periodic updates from the CBF Advocacy Network.

Learn more on the Advocacy page

Leadership and Contact Information
Steven Reeves
John Mark Boes



The call to start a new church is quite astonishing and can often be intimidating. Discerning what that looks like, where that will take place, and how that unfolds can be equally challenging. Therefore, nurturing and fostering a sense of call is a vital component in the journey of potential church starters.

This is where CBF’s Church Start Initiative wants to exist. We want to be a catalyst of support for those discerning and living out a call to starting new faith communities.

In our experience, building a network of support around a church starter with a creative space for discernment, professional coaching, training, leadership development, site visits and continual networking can make church starter’s more effective. The journey with CBF begins for folks in various stages. Sometimes we work with individuals who are fresh out of divinity school and simply want to learn more about church starting — others might be three years into their new church start but just discovered the Fellowship. There are also those who fall anywhere in between these two groups.

We have found that there is not one right place to begin a partnership with CBF, nor one right way of doing church. Our role is not to tell someone how or how not to start a church, but to help them custom-build their church by listening to the stories of the community and discerning a vision from there.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship recognizes the numerous approaches to starting new congregations. We have adopted several different approaches and will continue to explore additional approaches in the future.

Learn more on the Church Starts page

Leadership and Contact Information
Kyle Tubbs



CBF Mission Leaders Network is an interactive community of individuals, organizations and global churches united by the passion of creating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ, and seeking transformational development through: creating community around best mission practices, fostering cultures of mission engagement in congregations, coordinating endeavors and resources when possible, and birthing specific networks around topics and field teams.

This network connects Minister of Missions, Lay Church Leaders, State and Regional Associate Coordinators, Missions Council, Women’s Mission Groups, and Mission Animators from around the country.

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Leadership and Contact Information
Ellen Sechrest



The CBF Environmental Stewardship Network Initiatives include:

  • Provide a resource hub for the CBF constituency to share information ideas and resources pertaining to creation care and environmental sustainability
  • Membership for Individuals, Congregations, and Partnering Organizations
  • Establish and implement a set of ‘best practices’ that will guide CBF office and event activities
  • Establish a forum for advocacy on matters pertaining
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Leadership and Contact Information
Sam Harrell