Predatory Lending Advocacy


The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is invested in Advocacy to #StoptheDebtTrap and end usurious predatory lending practices around the country. Below you will find resources for you and your congregation that directly address the issue of small-dollar lending.

CBFblog Articles

Payday Reform Action Alert (April 2019)
CBF’s Reeves Condemns Move to Weaken Payday Lending Rule (February 2019)
CBF Advocacy celebrates survival of payday lending rule (May 2018)
CBF Advocacy expresses disappointment at CFPB decision to reconsider payday lending rule (January 2018)
CBF Advocacy releases analysis of new federal rule on payday lending (November 2017)
CBF’s Reeves comments on new federal rule to reign in predatory lending (October 2017)
Speak out for predatory lending reform – the time is NOW (October 2016)
Predatory Lending Reform: Working for racial justice (August 2016)
CBF’s Reeves comments on agency’s proposal to reform payday lending (June 2016)
CBF continues full-court press for payday loan reform (May 2016)
Payday loans and the need for Just Lending (November 2015)
CBF Advocacy efforts around payday lending continue and grow (October 2015)
CBF field personnel fights predatory lending in southeast Kentucky with education and advocacy (August 2015)
CBF's Stephen Reeves comments on federal proposal to end payday loan abuses (March 2015)
Cooperative Baptists in Kentucky champion cap on payday loan interest rates (February 2015)
Kentucky faith leaders push bill to prevent unfair payday loan practices (January 2015)
Cooperative Baptists urge Congress to support payday loan reform (December 2014)

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