Rescue Loan Ministry Resources


Churches across Fellowship life are looking for ways to end the payday loan debt trap. A few congregations have decided that they can offer a rescue loan ministry to end the cycle of debt for members of their communities. So, CBF, through a generous grant from the Baugh Foundation, has compiled, created, and generated a suite of resources for other churches who want to begin such a ministry in their own congregation. You will find a video resource that describes how you can begin your own ministry as well as other electronic resources you will need to get started.

We are deeply grateful to the following congregations and ministries for their tireless work in creating their own rescue loan ministries and guiding our work along the way: Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville, KY; First Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY; Olive Branch Ministries, Somerset, KY; Trinity Baptist Church, Seneca, SC; Church for the Highlands, Shreveport, LA; University Heights Baptist Church; Springfield, MO; and Second Baptist Church, Liberty, MO.

A Rescue Loan Ministry Resource

CBF Conversations: How to Create a Rescue Loan Ministry at Your Church