Seminarian Retreat

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Seminarian Retreat 2020


Deadline to register is Dec. 14, 2019

Airport: We recommend flying into ATL.

Alicia Myers

Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek at Campbell Divinity School

"I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the CBF Seminarian Retreat.  I learned much about CBF while there.  I witnessed the compassion and energy of CBF staff, the callings and commitment of the students and the concern of other seminary faculty members to guide and listen to students by taking this chance to learn from students as they face the challenges of a life called to minister in various settings."

Alan Miller

Recent graduate of the Baptist Seminary at Richmond

"The retreat was an experience of fellowship with old and mostly new friends.  It was a time for stretching in knowledge and growing in faith, and a place to explore big questions of our day--and how we as Christians might respond to them...I am grateful for the chance I was given to be involved in this new expression of forming together.  It was yet another time and space set aside to find out who we as seminarians are partnering with and to grow in those connections."