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Reflecting on the Pandemic: A Service of Lament

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult season of life. It has been traumatic for some, painful for many, and stressful for all. The collective stress of isolation, economic uncertainty and the fear of illness were constant companions for over a year and, as a result, many of us feel emotionally and physically worn down.

Worship can be a powerful tool in the journey of healing. As your congregation begins to regather in person for worship together, consider offering a service of healing and hope after a year of collective trauma, pain and stress. Our prayer is that this time of worship might provide the space necessary for us to acknowledge the tragedy of this painful season and to respond with awareness, understanding, mindfulness and action.

This worship service guide was a joint project created by members of the pastoral staffs of First Baptist Church in Columbia, MO, and Second Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR, for our congregations. Feel free to make it your own. Only you know what will be most meaningful in your congregation. You may change and adapt as is helpful for you and your church.

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