Skopska Salad

Alicia and Jeff Lee, CBF field personnel in North Macedonia

Jeff and Alicia Lee welcome people on the outskirts of Macedonian society, thanks to your gifts to the Offering for Global Missions. They work alongside local grassroot organizations to address the needs of families living in extreme poverty, people neglected by society and children rescued from/or at-risk for human trafficking. #offeringforglobalmissions


Skopska Salad




  •       3-4 tomatoes
  •       2 medium cucumbers
  •       1 small onion
  •       grated cheese
  •       olive oil
  •       salt 
  •       1 olive 



  1.       Chop tomatoes and cucumbers into middle-sized pieces. Put them in a medium sized bowl and add some salt.
  2.       Dice the onions and add them to the bowl.
  3.       Add olive oil.
  4.       Add grated white cheese on the top of the salad and garnish with fresh herbs. Traditionally, sheep cheese is used but you can substitute feta or mixed white cheese

5.       Put the olive on top.