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Student.Go is a student missions program of CBF that provides opportunities for college and graduate students to serve with our field personnel and ministry partners, as they live out the CBF Global Missions commitments—cultivating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ and seeking transformational development.

Whether it's for a summer or a semester, students provide crucial assistance to the ministries of CBF field personnel and ministry partners. By serving with Student.Go, students also have the opportunity to discover their place within God's mission to change the world. Through these experiences, students live out CBF Global Missions commitments within the contexts of global poverty, global migration and the global church. At CBF, we value God's calling of both women and men to all types of ministry and seek to support both male and female students as they follow God's will in their lives.

Undergraduate students completing their first year of college and at least 18 years of age, as well as graduate students of any age, may apply.




We've spent the last year successfully hosting virtual opportunities for students. As we explore genuine, sincere and innovative ways to minister during this time, we now look to do mission work in different ways. We seek to continue to give college and graduate students a chance to grow into their calling, in both virtual and in-person ways. The mission may look different but remember, the message is the same, as we turn crises into opportunities, and seek new, bold and transformative ways to serve Jesus Christ this year.

Our commitment at CBF is to provide a meaningful experience that allows students to gain ministry insights that are unique to the times we are living in. As congregations and ministry sites are exploring new, bold and transformative models for ministry, we believe that there is no better time for a student to be engaged in learning about the future of the church/mission. We also believe that there are unique gifts and abilities that students will be able to share to undergird and strengthen ministry.

Beginning Fall 2021 we will offer both virtual and in-person opportunities.

Student.Go In-Person Placement Protocols

  • Students must be fully vaccinated by the time they will travel to their assigned ministry site. For the protection of all involved, CBF will require proof of vaccination from students who are selected for in-person assignments.
  • Students are required to read and follow Federal, State, and municipal guidelines, which may include, but not be limited, to the following:
    • Use of Face Coverings
    • Health Declarations
    • Physical Distancing
    • Use of Gloves
  • Students are required to read and follow the safety protocols of their local ministry site, prior to traveling and throughout the duration of their assignment.
  • Students are required to read and follow CDC and health department travel requirements and recommendations.
  • Students are required to read and follow the guidelines set forth by:
    • Airline
    • Lodging Site
  • Students are required to get tested if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
    • Should the student not find a free testing site, CBF will reimburse the student the cost of the test, upon submission of receipt.
  • Students are required to notify their supervisor and isolate if they are:
    • Experiencing Flu-like symptoms.
    • Exposed to someone with COVID.
    • Waiting for a COVID test result.
    • Notified of a positive COVID test.
CDC - Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People

Fall 2021 Details of Service

Orientation (virtual): Early September 2021

Length of Service: 15 weeks

Stipend: $1,300 to be paid in three installments throughout the semester

Learning Opportunities throughout the term with CBF Staff and Field Personnel

Students will be in a small group with an Encourager

Debriefing (virtual): December 2021




Educational Resource Development (Remote) Undergraduate or Graduate- Westervoort, Netherlands Student will assist in the development and use of Davar: Bridging to Literacy materials, particularly in Sunday school and Bible club programs. Exactly how will depend on the student's background and skills but may include illustrating, writing, and researching.

Research and Writing (Remote) Undergraduate or Graduate- Westervoort, Netherlands Student will research and post information about materials to expand the impact of existing Christian materials in Romani languages; as time and interest permits, the student may also research and write short articles for the Romany Education Network.

Social Media Intern (Remote) Undergraduate or Graduate- Miami, Florida Here’s the chance to showcase your creative side at Touching Miami With Love this Fall as a Social Media intern. TML’s mission is to share the love of Christ by offering hope, opportunities, and resources to their communities. During this term, you will get to know the different educational, spiritual, and holistic programs that TML offers their children and youth. Expand your creativity and knowledge while growing and transforming lives through impactful social media marketing.

Educational Advocacy Support (Remote) Undergraduate or Graduate- Miami, Florida The student will work closely with field personnel and partner ministries on issues related to supporting income eligible students with exceptionalities through education advocacy efforts. The student will work towards the creation of a training program for future educational advocates through researching and developing training materials.


Ministry Associate (In-Person) Graduate or Seminary- New York City, NY This is a leadership position with Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries in New York City, supporting the 13 ongoing social service ministries of the nonprofit. Particularly focusing on the Urban Immersion program, youth programming ministries and food justice ministries, the student intern will bring needed leadership and support to all of our various ministries. Semester interns will be under the direction of the executive coordinator and will be supervised by CBF field personnel. Depending on the student's interest, there is also opportunity for grant writing, participation in worship planning, social media management and social work/case management. Alongside the community and other staff, the student intern will nurture partner relationships in the city, including neighborhood shelters, partner service providers and community boards. They will grow their asset-based community development skills by being immersed in and an integral part of a community responding to the needs of the most vulnerable.

Please view Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries COVID-19 Protocols.

For more information, a detailed description of a position, or if you have any questions, please contact


Application Information:

How do I apply?

  1. Begin by reading the Student.Go information on this page for more details about the program.
  2. Complete the student application form. If you have any questions, please email our team. 

  3. Ask three people to serve as references and have them complete the reference form. The applicant is responsible for ensuring their references have submitted the form. The references should be:
    • someone who has observed you in a ministry setting (ex. previous supervisor, campus pastor or youth group pastor)
    • a trusted adult (ex. previous boss, internship supervisor or deacon at church)
    • someone at your educational institution (ex. professor, advisor, staff or Resident Director)

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