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Student.Go is a student missions program of CBF that provides opportunities for college and graduate students to serve with our field personnel and ministry partners, as they live out the CBF Global Missions commitments—cultivating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ and seeking transformational development.

Whether it's for a summer or a semester, students provide crucial assistance to the ministries of CBF field personnel and ministry partners. By serving with Student.Go, students also have the opportunity to discover their place within God's mission to change the world. Through these experiences, students live out CBF Global Missions commitments within the contexts of global poverty, global migration and the global church. At CBF, we value God's calling of both women and men to all types of ministry and seek to support both male and female students as they follow God's will in their lives.

Undergraduate students completing their first year of college and at least 18 years of age, as well as graduate students of any age, may apply. We have funding for 20 opportunities in the summer, and 5 opportunities in both the spring and fall terms.




As we explore genuine, sincere and innovative ways to minister during this time, we look to do mission work in different ways. We seek to continue to give college and graduate students a chance to grow into their calling, in both virtual and in-person opportunities. The mission may look different but remember, the message is the same, as we turn crises into opportunities, and seek new, bold and transformative ways to serve Jesus Christ.

Our commitment at CBF is to provide a meaningful experience that allows students to gain ministry insights that are unique to the times we are living in. As congregations and ministry sites are exploring new, bold and transformative models for ministry, we believe that there is no better time for a student to be engaged in learning about the future of the church/mission. We also believe that there are unique gifts and abilities that students will be able to share to undergird and strengthen ministry.

For summer 2023, we will continue to offer both virtual and in-person placements for domestic and international positions.

Student.Go In-Person Placement Protocols

  • Students must be fully vaccinated by the time they will travel to their assigned ministry site. For the protection of all involved, CBF will require proof of vaccination from students who are selected for in-person assignments.
  • Students are required to read and follow Federal, State, and municipal guidelines, which may include, but not be limited, to the following:
    • Use of Face Coverings
    • Health Declarations
    • Physical Distancing
    • Use of Gloves
  • Students are required to read and follow the safety protocols of their local ministry site, prior to traveling and throughout the duration of their assignment.
  • Students are required to read and follow CDC and health department travel requirements and recommendations.
  • Students are required to read and follow the guidelines set forth by:
    • Airline
    • Lodging Site
  • Students are required to get tested if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
    • Should the student not find a free testing site, CBF will reimburse the student the cost of the test, upon submission of receipt.
  • Students are required to notify their supervisor and isolate if they are:
    • Experiencing Flu-like symptoms.
    • Exposed to someone with COVID.
    • Waiting for a COVID test result.
    • Notified of a positive COVID test.
CDC - Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People

Summer 2023 Details of Service

Orientation (in-person): May 2023

Length of Service: 10 weeks

Stipend: Minimum of $1,200 to be paid in three installments throughout the summer

Learning Opportunities throughout the term with CBF Staff and Field Personnel

Students will be in a small group with an Encourager

Debriefing prior to Selah vie (in-person): early August 2023



Touching Miami with Love (Virtual)-Miami, FL Spring and Summer

Undergraduate or Graduate students (1 student, male or female)

Students will serve virtually as interns with Touching Miami with Love’s Social Media Department. Students will work closely with our social media coordinator to raise awareness of who TML is, expand our reach, and communicate our fundraising goals including our Spread the Love Race. Additionally, students will assist in the social media planning leading up to the event and the day of and post-event.

Koinonia Farm (In-Person)-Americus, GA Spring and Summer

Undergraduate or Graduate Students (4 students, male or female)

Koinonia is an intentional Christian community founded in 1942. We strive to love our neighbor and foes alike, share what we have, and be active peacemakers. We offer internships for those interested in seeking an experience in our shared life of prayer, work, study, service, and fellowship. It is not a traditional internship. Though there will be work assignments, it is not a “work” or a “farm” internship but, rather, it is more holistic in nature — it is an immersion into a way of life. There are three main components to the program: Educational, Spiritual, and Service.

Educational: Interns meet regularly for study. Study sessions follow a discussion format based on the readings, podcasts, or films assigned.

Spiritual: the internship is an immersion into the way of life lived here, so interns live a rhythm of life alongside us. There is plenty of time for walks in nature and exploring the spiritual practices of different traditions.

Service: Interns serve both on and off the farm in a wide variety of ways. The main ministries, which keep us rooted on the farm, are hospitality, the internship and sustainable farming. At present, off the farm, we are involved with immigration issues, prison and jail reform, serving at the local food pantry and more. We operate a professional bakery, have both an online and onsite store and are always responding to the needs and challenges of the time.

Visit the Koinonia website here:

Sowing Seeds of Hope (In-Person)-Marion, AL Summer only

Undergraduate or Graduate Students (1 student each, male or female)

The Volunteer Liaison for Housing and Construction will work with volunteer groups, professional staff, and local churches to improve housing in Perry County. An ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience (or a desire to gain experience) in construction, engineering, or architecture. This individual will work with volunteer groups who come to Perry County to complete housing repairs, as well as with our Self-Help Housing team who help families complete new construction through a special USDA-sponsored program.

The Volunteer Liaison for Children's Activities will work with volunteer groups, professional staff, and local churches to provide opportunities for children in the Alabama Black Belt to learn, grow, and prosper. An ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience (or a desire to gain experience) working with children. Students with a desire to enter children's ministry or elementary education should be an excellent fit.

Various Opportunities-Southeast Asia/Islands (In-person) Fall and Spring only

Undergraduate or Graduate students (1-2 students each, male or female)

Graphics, Media, and Film Intern Are you gifted in print and digital media? This role would include writing about, filming, and photographing our ministry to university students as well as your experiences in our country.

University Student Ministry Intern We’re looking for someone to help us reach our city’s student population of over 300,000. The role would include meeting and connecting students and young adults to our ministry.

Renewable Energy Intern We partner with a local Christian university’s renewable energy program to provide solar lighting installations for churches in remote areas. If you are mechanically and electrically inclined, interested in renewable energies, and helping communities to begin the process of becoming sustainable, then this is a great opportunity for you to explore your calling.

Missions/Ministry Mentorship Opportunity If you are a ministry student in need of a mentorship opportunity for your university or seminary program, please contact us to talk about your giftedness and calling and how it might support our work.

Partnership Development Specialist (In-person)-Skopje, North Macedonia Spring and Summer

Undergraduate or Graduate students
(2 students, 1 must be male)

The student will build beloved community by participating with Poraka, a group home for adults with development delays. Poraka is a group home that provides opportunities for the beneficiaries to engage in society. The student will practice the ministry of presence with the beneficiaries and staff at the center. The student will also build beloved community by participating in ministry with a group home for men recovering from drugs and alcohol abuse (male only). The student will participate in transformational development with the Food Bank of Macedonia. The Food Bank works with other NGOs to support food distribution to communities in need. The student will participate in transformation development through agricultural development with Aya Farm and the "Cow Bank." The Cow Bank engages with local farmers and community members.

Freedom School Assistant at Metanoia (In-person)-Charleston, SC Spring and Summer

Undergraduate or Graduate (2 students, male or female)

Metanoia Community Development Corporation is an attempt to embody the priorities of God’s kingdom in our world. In the beginning of his preaching ministry, Jesus names “metanoia” (making positive change) as the first step toward the kingdom of God. We seek to recognize Jesus’ call for all of us to engage in metanoia – seeking the kingdom of God through promoting positive change in ourselves, in our neighborhood and in our society. We look to foster metanoia within ourselves. We recognize that this kind of change needs to begin with each of us as individuals. We are looking for metanoia in our neighborhood. As neighbors of faith, we are pushing together to strengthen our community — to make it more like the kind of neighborhood God intends. We are pushing for metanoia within our society. That means calling for change within our neighborhood AND outside of it as well. We are pushing for positive changes that make a more just society for all citizens regardless of race, economic status or sex. This means calling for metanoia in the halls of our business, government, educational and church institutions.

As Freedom School Assistants, college students and recent college graduates play a key role in the program. Youth staff are responsible for the daily front-line operations that support a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for the children. Supporting the educational and program expertise, they serve as day-to-day support staff for the classroom and community engagement activities.

Special Placement

We would like to make available the opportunity for students to join with us in exploring the intersection between, Mission, Community Development and Environmental Advocacy in Kenya.

Kutana Kenya is an 18-day mission immersion experience in a cross-cultural setting in one of the most ecologically diverse environments on earth. Participants will encounter and engage people, ecosystems, places of significance and mission development projects in the context of a growing nation grappling with multiple social and environmental challenges. We are particularly looking for students who are passionate about the environment and how stewardship of the environment impacts on our Christian life in all areas.

Student.go participants will be a part of a larger group (min 12, max 21) comprising mainly seminarian and graduate students. Travel in 5 distinct ecosystems, reading, journaling/reflection and project-related service learning are all a part of the experience.

Dates for Kutana Kenya 2023 are approximately May 15 – May 31. Email Sam Harrell at to request a Kutana Kenya inquiry form, which is due February 15, 2023.

Download the Kutana Kenya 2023 Flyer

For more information, a detailed description of a position, or if you have any questions, please contact


Application Information:

How do I apply?

  1. Begin by reading the Student.Go information on this page for more details about the program.
  2. Complete the student application form. Please click here for the StudentDot Application. If you have any questions, please email our team. 
  3. Ask three people to serve as references and have them complete the reference form. The applicant is responsible for ensuring their references have submitted the form. The references should be:
    • someone who has observed you in a ministry setting (ex. previous supervisor, campus pastor or youth group pastor)
    • a trusted adult (ex. previous boss, internship supervisor or deacon at church)
    • someone at your educational institution (ex. professor, advisor, staff or Resident Director)

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