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  • Please indicate which term you are interested in serving (i.e., Summer, Spring, Fall or Special Project)
  • Please indicate three positions where you are interested in serving.
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  • Employment History

  • Please describe your current/previous employment.
  • Please describe your current/previous employment.
  • Please describe your current/previous employment.
  • Please list place and dates of previous volunteer experiences, including mission trips, community volunteer work, study abroad and other cross-cultural experiences.
  • Have you previously served with a CBF StudentDot program (Student.Go or Student.Church)? If yes, what year?
  • Please list any significant skills, certifications, or other languages you are proficient in.
  • References

  • (i.e., campus minister, BSU leader, mission trip chaperone, student minister, etc.)
  • (who knows you well)
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    Please answer the following questions in your own words. Upload your word document above. On the first page, please type your name, address, and the date; then restate the question and follow it with your answer. 1. What is your view of God and God’s purpose for the world? 2. What are your views of Jesus Christ? Describe your relationship. 3. What are your views of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s work in the world? 4. What are your views of the Bible? How do you use the Bible in your personal life? 5. Describe your views of: (a) the church; (b) baptism. In what church and other ministry activities do you participate? 6. How are you involved in sharing Christ with the world? 7. Describe a recent experience in which you shared your faith in Christ with someone. 8. What is the Christian message you hope to share?
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    Max. file size: 256 MB.
      Please write a brief life history and upload it above. This should be typed and the length should be two to four pages. Also, please attach a recent picture with your life history. Include in your information items such as: Date and place of birth; Names of parents, their occupations and employment; Names of siblings; Schools attended. Please give your testimony of when and how you became a Christian, when and where you were baptized, churches attended, church and/or other ministry you have done, and other volunteer and service activities. Tell about your gifts and strengths and how they might contribute to your work as a Student.Go missionary. Tell about growth areas for you and how you are addressing them. Describe any leadership experience you have.
    • Why are you exploring mission opportunities with Student.Go, rather than other sending bodies? Tell about your interest in or calling to missions/ministry. What does “missions” mean to you?
    • In order to help match you with the best Student.Go opportunity, can you please tell us about any factors that will help you thrive during your Student.Go experience? For example, if you are extroverted vs. introverted, detail oriented, anxious in new settings, etc. In other words, you will find success by doing _________ or working with _______.
    • What else do we need to know about you that will help us make our best decision concerning you?
      Student.Go service begins with orientation, continues during the assignment, and concludes with debrief. For Fall 2020, opportunities will be virtual, as well as the orientation and debrief. Orientation will be held August 2020 and debrief will be held in November/December 2020.