TH: Facts about the Podgaiskys

Shirt- Gennady and Mina Podgaisky help provide clothing, furniture, sheets and towels, and some school supplies at the Village of Hope. Trampoline -There is a large trampoline on the property at the Village of Hope that the children love.

Child - There are children in Ukraine who do not have families or a place to live. The government helps these children find foster families, new families that can take care of them. Gennady and Mina work with these families to help them.

Family - You have a family that keeps you safe and helps you learn and grow. The families that Gennady and Mina work with are foster families. These families have been created so that children would have people to care for them.

Bread - A custom in Ukraine is to greet people with bread and salt. It is a tradition for newlyweds and in-laws.

Bible - Gennady preaches at a local church and Mina leads women’s groups. They both lead a home Bible study group every Thursday.

Highly Decorated Egg - People in Ukraine use a special technique to create pysanka, or painted eggs. This is an Easter tradition in Ukraine.

Yarn - Mina does crafts to decorate their homes in Women’s Bible study. They do crafts for each of the national holidays.

Checkers Board - Children and adults in Ukraine like to play chess, checkers, and backgammon.

Houses - They helped create the Village of Hope in 2003. There were many children in Ukraine who did not have parents. There are people who become foster parents, like parents for these children who don’t have parents. These children go live with them. Some of these families live at the Village of Hope. There, Gennady and Mina help them have what they need, and help them grow as a family. They have a safe place to live.