TH: Tie-Dyeing

Step 1: Before the session, mix 16 drops of food coloring and ½ cup of water together in a squeeze bottle. Do this for each color you want to use.

Step 2: Using a spray bottle, mist your t-shirt or socks.

Step 3: Twist your shirt or socks- First you want to unfold your t-shirt so it is laying flat in front of you. Then pinch the middle and twist the shirt so it coils into itself.

Step 4: Wrap with Rubber Bands- wrap a rubber band around the circumference of the coiled shirt. Then add several rubber bands going the other direction around the shirt so it doesn’t come undone. The method gives the shirt a traditional spiral look.

Step 5: Apply the food coloring mixture: start squirting the shirts or socks with the squeeze bottles!

Step 6: Once children have finished applying the color, place their coiled and rubber banded shirts/socks into a resealable plastic bag.

Step 7: Let it sit for 24 hours!

Step 8: Take it out, remove the rubber bands, and hang it inside to dry.

Step 9: Wear it! Note: Once the shirt is washed, the food coloring will wash out.