Virtual Workshops 2022

Wednesday, June 29 — 1:30-2:30 p.m.


CBF 101

At the heart of the Fellowship is our work together as we embrace our calling to support the thriving of congregations, participate in Jesus’ mission and offer a Christian public witness. Come & Connect with the mission and ministries of CBF and witness stories of impact when we invite each other into relationships of equipping as we seek God’s transformation of the world.

Paul Baxley is Executive Coordinator of CBF.
Kasey Jones is Associate Coordinator for Outreach and Growth for CBF.
Renee Owen is Director of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling for CBF.
Devita Parnell is Director of the Young Baptist Ecosystem for CBF.
Javier Perez is Director of Global Missions Program & Impact for CBF.


Building Resilient Congregations: Consultation in Accompaniment, Trauma Care & LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Across the United States, communities continue to grapple with visible and invisible struggles of poverty, stress, mental health, trauma and political divisiveness. How do we build resilient congregations equipped to walk alongside one another and their communities? Who becomes the helper and who is helped? Discover evidence-based resources the C3I is uniquely situated and ready to pilot in consultation with congregations specifically in the ministries of hospitality: LGBTQ+ Discernment, Accompaniment, and Trauma Care.

Dr. Gaynor Yancey, serves as Director of the Center for Church and Community Impact (C3I) and the Lake Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Congregational and Community Health while teaching at both the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work and Truett Seminary at Baylor University,
Mallory Homeyer Herridge, MSW/MDiv serves as Assistant Director for the Center for Church and Community Impact (C3I) housed in the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University.


Spiritual Care: Exploring Ambiguous Loss in Uncertain Times

Based on the theory coined by Dr. Pauline Boss, we will define Ambiguous Loss and examine the ambiguous loss experienced in our own lives in order to acknowledge these losses and seek out the support needed in community with others. We have an opportunity to acknowledge the ambiguous losses experienced individually and collectively from the catastrophic (enslavement, war, climate change, and natural disasters) to those more personal (immigration, addiction, divorce, and aging family members). By acknowledging these losses personally and globally, we can also identify and acknowledge experiences of ambiguous loss in our homes, places of work or ministry, and in our faith communities. Come ready to learn, reflect, and explore Ambiguous Loss in Uncertain Times as a means of spiritual care both personally and as a Fellowship.

Rev. Megan J Pike is a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship endorsed Board-Certified Staff Chaplain working in the Critical Care, Pediatric Intensive Care, Cardio-Pulmonary, Pre-Op and Surgery units at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI.


Both—And: Seeking Common Good in a Jaded [worn-out, biased, partisan, exhausted] World

Thriving churches have healthy conversations. Churches and Christians struggle to engage in healthy conversation because so many of the issues faced today are polarizing. Disagreement occurs among the best of Christians and the best of friends.

This workshop is designed to model good conversation practices as it offer guidance for participants to both model in their personal conversations and teach to others in their congregations. Helping participants to address difficult, even contentious issues, can contribute to congregations becoming safe places for conversation. The workshop will offer a framework through which both internal church concerns and broader social justice issues can be discussed.

Our polarized world needs the example of churches engaging in healthy dialogue. This workshop will point participants toward those healthy conversations. As an example, conversations ought to focus on the common good. Too many conversations fail to allow for a good that might include all parts of the polarities that have developed. Another tool is that of recognizing the value of tension in conversation, if managed effectively.

Needing help to foster healthy conversations? This workshop provides a framework to help churches navigate their way through the necessary, but often contentious, conversations that churches need to have.

Dr. Bill Tillman, the first to hold the T. B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics at Logsdon Seminary, is currently the Coordinator of the Center for Congregational Ethics.
Dr. David Morgan is the Executive Director for the T. B. Maston Foundation for Christian Ethics.


Faithful Intercultural Ministry

The term diversity has been overused in so many settings including the church. Intercultural ministry on the other hand brings about a sense of something with more depth and meaning. This workshop/panel will examine how we might faithfully moving towards intercultural ministry, and how our Baptist heritage may help or hinder our movement.

Rev. Emily Holladay is the senior pastor at Village Baptist Church in Bowie, MD.
Rev. Stephanie Willett is a ministry associate at Village Baptist Church in Bowie, MD.

Wednesday, June 29 — 3:00-4:00 p.m.


Permanent Transition: Seeking Spiritual Stability amid Changing Cultures

At a time when change seems normative, permanence elusive, and conflict perpetual, what options might congregations pursue for re-forming identity, responding to specific needs a flexibility of place and a gospel hospitality of grace? What biblical and historical tools might offer clues for action?

Bill J. Leonard is Professor of Divinity Emeritus, School of Divinity, Wake Forest University.


So You Are On a Minister Search Team...

So you've been elected to your church's minister search team...what will you do now? Join our conversation about the modern, CBF-related minister search. Explore the basics of getting started and conducting your search with information about CBF resources and partners.

Jay Kieve is the Director of Ministerial Transitions and the Abuse Prevention and Response Advocate for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


How to Grow the Church by Caring for Creation

This workshop will help churches and individuals connect with young people by becoming places that are practically engaged in caring for God's creation. We will show leaders and influencers how they can become C3 Congregations by adopting a system of accountability related to worship, facilities and grounds, education and advocacy.

Don Gordon is Founder and CEO of C3-Christians Caring for Creation.


The Basics of Sound Church Business Meetings

The Basics of Sound Church Business Meetings will present foundational instruction for pastors and lay persons alike on how Church (and other organizations) business meetings should be conducted to efficiently take care of necessary business.

W. B. (Bart) Tichenor is an attorney and a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) with the National Association of Parliamentarians. He is Pastor of the Little Bonne Femme Baptist Church, Columbia, Mo (27th year - two tenures). He served as the first Parliamentarian for CBF and has continued to do so for all of its history, except for 4 years. He has led many workshops on various aspects of Parliamentary Procedure during his 25 years as a PRP.


The Pastor's Bookshelf: Why Reading Matters for Ministry

Building on research from cognitive neuroscience, this workshop will demonstrate how reading--particularly fiction--can help us as ministers better care for our congregations and better inspire those whom we serve to become more engaged with issues of social justice. This workshop will help pastors see how making time for reading--which most of us as pastors *want* to do--is not to indulge a luxury, but is instead to become more capable and proficient as ministers.

Austin Carty is the pastor of Boulevard Baptist Church in Anderson, South Carolina, and is the author of The Pastor's Bookshelf: Why Reading Matters for Ministry (Eerdmans).

Thursday, June 30 — 1:30-2:30 p.m.


Leaving Church: The Great Baptist Resignation

Alarmed by the rising number of resignations of Baptist pastors, Pam Durso and Carol McEntyre invited Baptist pastors who left their congregations between July 1, 2020, and Oct. 17, 2021, to participate in a survey. Over 100 pastors responded. This session will highlight data and learnings from the survey.

Pam Durso is President of Central Seminary, Shawnee, Kansas.
Carol McEntyre is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Columbia, MO, and is immediate Past Moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


Tax Savvy Ways to Give to Your Church and Simple Tools to Help your Church Receive those Gifts

Stock and QCD gifts are some of the smartest ways to give and they are trending up. These gifts benefit the donors while supporting the ministry causes they care about. Yet many people are unaware of the how donating stock and giving through one's QCD can save them on paying taxes. Many churches also face the challenge of having limited resources to support receiving such gifts. This workshop will highlight the benefits of stock and QCD gifts for donors and the churches they support, along with introducing a turnkey online platform that churches can use today to begin receiving these gifts.

This workshop highlights the rise and benefits of stock and QCD gifts for donors and the churches they support. There will be a demo of a turnkey online tool that churches can use today to begin receiving these gifts.

Shauw Chin Capps is CBF's Chief Development Officer and President of the CBF Foundation. With over 15+ years of nonprofit leadership and fund development experience, Shauw Chin is passionate about developing a culture of generosity that reflects God's abundance within the CBF community and beyond.
Chris Hall is a Senior Partner Success Strategist at FreeWill. With 13 years of church, non-profit and faith-based leadership experience, Chris is passionate about unlocking generosity and providing access to much needed tools within the church.


Trauma Informed Ministry: How Trauma Affects Us & How We Can Respond

Sponsored by the CBF Gathering, join other Cooperative Baptists in screening "Trauma-Informed Ministry: How Trauma Affects Us & How We Can Respond," including panelists from a variety of ministry settings. Then continue the conversation with the opportunity for discussion with our roundtable participants.

Carrie Harris is Marketing & Communications Manager for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
Jay Kieve is Director of Ministerial Transitions & Abuse Prevention and Response Advocate for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
LeAnn Gardner, LISW-CP, Mdiv is a clinical social worker and faculty with the Diana Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University.
Kendra Plating is Minister of Pastoral Care and Counseling at First Baptist Church of Greenville, S.C.
Kevin Pranoto is Executive Director of Mission Oak Cliff at Cliff Temple Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.


The Worst Kept Secret to Church Growth

Ever wonder why your church isn't growing? The secret to church growth is so obvious that it’s often overlooked. This workshop is designed to identify, focus, and direct your church’s efforts to grow and flourish by making disciples of Jesus Christ with strategic and tactical help.

Craig Janney serves as President of Greenfields Church Consulting based in Harrisonburg, VA.


Re-story-ation: Formative Spirituality for Children of the 21st Century

As our world tries to cope with the searing events of recent years, parents and teachers have struggled to keep children physically, psychologically, and intellectually healthy. How can we be just as intentional about the ways in which the inner spirits of our young children are being formed? This session is for any adult who loves children and desires to be part of their spiritual lives — clergy and laity, parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers.

Lisa Massar is an early childhood consultant; former Smyth and Helwys curricular writer/field editor/presenter; founding director of Niños de Promesa Preschool in Tyler, Texas; and developer of programs in Louisiana and South Carolina.


Creating a Culture of Belonging: Diversity, Reconciliation and Inclusion in 21st Century Congregations

How do we create a culture of belonging? This workshop is for clergy and laity who want congregational excitement and growth, while creating cultures of belonging where people can bring their full and authentic selves to church.

Rev. Dr. Jay Augustine is senior pastor of St. Joseph AME Church in Durham, N.C., and is a Duke Divinity School consulting faculty member and former civil rights litigator. He is the author of Called to Reconciliation: How the Church can Model Justice, Diversity and Inclusion (Baker Academic) and When Prophets Preach: Leadership and the Politics of the Pulpit (Fortress Press).

Thursday, June 30 — 3:00-4:00 p.m.


CBF Podcast Presents: The Inclusive Church for the Neurodiverse and Persons of All Abilities

Do you think you have an inclusive church? Are the members and ministry staff prepared to minister to and with the neurodiverse and those of varied abilities? What about advocating for their needs and rights? The CBF Podcast will host a dialogue with Christy Edwards and Andy Hale about becoming inclusive and being advocates for the neurodiverse and persons of all abilities.

Christy Edwards is a board-certified pediatric hospital chaplain living in Liberty, MO, with her husband, Jason, and their three children.
Andy Hale is the creator and host of the CBF Podcast, Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA, a Doctor of Leadership candidate, and an organizational consultant and coach.


Shout for Joy to God, All the Earth—From Psalms to Action

Creation Care. Environmental Racism. Climate Change. We hear these words in news reports and political speeches, but do they have anything to do with our churches and the call to serve “the least of these”? Pastors struggle with how and when to bring these issues within their own congregations, and even how to get these difficult conversations started. This workshop will explore the biblical basis for tackling these difficult topics, but will also provide concrete ideas and resources for their next steps.

Katherine Smith is Executive Director of Baptist Creation Care Initiative, where she helps provide biblically- and science-based forum for a uniquely Baptist voice on the care of God’s creation.


Restoring Justice Through Circle Practices

Serving in a polarized community facing increased poverty and violence, the Rev. Breana van Velzen will share practices, such as talking circles, used for relational ministry in the Triangle region of NC to bring communities together through addressing and repairing harm, teaching empathy, having difficult conversations, and healing together.

The Rev. Breana van Velzen, Community Minister for Duke University Chapel, is present at the intersections of faith and justice in the Durham community, bringing together diverse groups of elders, young adults, non-profits, and congregations alongside the most vulnerable people to work for the flourishing of all through God's love and mercy.


Major Liability or Potential Asset? Re-Envisioning Church Property & Facilities

Shrinking attendance, deferred maintenance and vast amounts of unused space have become major burdens for modern congregations. At the same time, some churches are doing amazing things by re-imaging their property and facilities as an asset. In this workshop you will hear the stories of CBF partner churches and the creative work they have done with their property and facilities. You will also be introduced to a new CBF resource focused on this subject.

Rickey Letson, CBF Congregational Stewardship Officer, will be joined by a panel of CBF Ministers featured in the new resource “Sacred Spaces, Innovative Places.”


Making Christians: A Guide for Pastors, Parents, and Other Pilgrims

This workshop examines the loss and recovery of the historic practice of Christian catechesis, which is the ancient practice of instruction in “the basic teaching of Christ” (Heb 6:1-2). In this seminar, participants will learn how for centuries Christians passed on the basic teaching of Christ, and explore how retrieving the lost practice of catechesis might equip the church to be more faithful and effective in following the call to make disciples.

Curtis W. Freeman, Research Professor of Theology and Director of the Baptist House of Studies at Duke Divinity School


Finding Joy on Death Row

Death Row’s walls are not strong enough to constrain joy, nor are the prisons we construct for ourselves. This is the story of a broken preacher’s transformative experience learning about joy from those incarcerated on Death Row, along with dramatic and insightful hand-written responses from those currently sentenced to die.

Dewey Williams, Pastor of Mt. Bright Missionary Baptist Church in Hillsborough, NC