2020 Virtual General Assembly



2020 CBF General Assembly — Experience it Online!
J U N E 25-26, 2020

Watch this space for coverage of the 2020 Virtual General Assembly including news, videos, updates and even photos.

2020 Virtual General Assembly

Plenary Session - June 26 - 2020 Virtual General Assembly

Worship - June 26 - 2020 Virtual General Assembly

Plenary Session - June 25 - 2020 Virtual General Assembly

Worship - June 25 - 2020 Virtual General Assembly

Workshops - Friday June 26 General Assembly

Perspectives from the Southern Border: Humanitarian Crisis, Gospel Opportunity

CBF Podcast Presents: International Religious Liberty – Why it Matters and What you can do

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care beyond COVID

The Baptist Future: Is there one? (If so, Bold Faith Needed!)

Racism in the United States: What does this mean for me, a white person?

Just Food

Workshops - Thursday June 25 General Assembly

Ministries Grant Awards 2020

Carl Hart Award for Chaplaincy

25 Young Leaders to Know

CBF Fellows 2020

Workshop Materials

Bricks and Mortals

Engaging bold conversations in challenging times

Laughter is contagious, too!

One Church’s Journey Towards Racial Justice

Respecting Religion in the Supreme Court, Congress, and White House

Rural America: Right Next Door

CBF Field Personnel - Being the Presence of Christ

Faith-Based Advocacy for Public Education

Mercy: A Conversation with Imam Imad Enchassi

Preaching During a Pandemic: A Covid-19 Shaped Sermon Outline

Racial Justice: Moving from Conversation to Action

Six Spiritual Practices for Forming Bold Faith

Three Keys to Embrace the Gifts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Forming Bold Faith in Changing Times

CBF Field Personnel: Being the Presence of Christ in Miami, Florida and The CBF Global Missions Story

Clips - 2020 General Assembly

Dr. Emmanuel McCall — 2020 General Assembly

CBF Moderator Carol McEntyre — 2020 General Assembly

CBF Foundation President Shauw Chin Capps — 2020 General Assembly

CBF Church Benefits President Rob Fox — 2020 General Assembly

Commissioning Service — 2020 General Assembly

Jade and Shelah Acker — 2020 General Assembly

Rev. Mary Alice Birdwhistell — 2020 General Assembly

CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley — 2020 General Assembly

Toward Bold Faithfulness — 2020 General Assembly