Vocational Calling

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CBF promotes a culture of calling by nurturing women and men in ministry from their initial experiences in congregational or missions work through seminary and their first years of full-time service and into a lifetime of service to Christ


More than 1000 CBF-endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors serve around the world.
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Reference & Referral

CBF Reference and Referral helps ministers and churches navigate the search process.
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CBF Fellows

The CBF Fellows program assists young Baptists clergy in making a healthy transition from seminary to congregational ministry.

Peer Learning Groups

Peer Learning Groups offers ministers a place to connect for development, friendship and support.

Ministry Networks

Join a CBF ministry network to enhance your work and engage with peers.
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Church Starts

CBF offers a catalyst of support for men and women discerning and living out God's call to church starting.
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