Please explore the following volunteer mission opportunities with CBF. From Disaster Response to Pivot Immersion, CBF curates opportunities for individuals and teams in your backyard and around the world. Search or sort the table below to find the right opportunity for you. Please contact the listed local contact directly for additional details. Contact us at engage@cbf.net if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

If you are interested in posting an opportunity on this page to request short-term volunteers, please fill out this application.

Country or RegionStateCityDescription Available DatesGroup Size RangeContact InfoTags
USAFLMiamiTouching Miami with Love: Overtown Site- Angel and Jason Pittman direct Touching Miami with Love that serves the Miami-Dade communities of Overtown and West Homestead. This transformational ministry provides programming opportunities year-round for children, high school youth, and adults along with community outreaches and services as well. Visit http://www.touchingmiamiwithlove.org for more information.Our dates for Summer 2020 are:
Week 1 6/17-6/21
Week 2 6/24-6/28
Week 3 7/1-7/5
Week 4 7/8-7-12
Week 5 7/15-7/19
Week 6 7/22-7/26
Some weeks are already booked, so use info@touchingmiamiwithlove.org to see if requested date and site is available.
Volunteers must be at least age 14 and have completed 8th grade.
angel@touchingmiamiwithlove.orgGlobal Poverty, kids, Bible School, urban, youth
Middle East- LebanonBeirutOperation Antioch- CBF Field Personnel Chaouoki and Maha Boulos need leaders for a children’s camp. A team of 8 to 10 leaders is ideal for this opportunity. Day to day activities include: teaching Bible studies, songs, games, etc. Skills required: experience with VBS programming, experience working with children, experience with recreational programs for children, and willing to work in a cross cultural context. Contact Maha Boulos for more information at antiochministry@hotmail.comSummer 20208-10antiochministry@hotmail.comGlobal Church, Middle East, kids, Bible School, Children's Camp
Middle East- LebanonBeirutVolunteers needed during the spring celebration, in Spring 2019 (exact dates yet to be determined). A food project for refugees will be prepared & distributed after the celebration. Volunteers can assist with ushering & praying with people. They will help us pack & distribute the food packages after the celebration. For refugee work, teams can help share at the women's meetings that are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays. They can also help with packing & distributing the food packages.Spring 2020Any sizeantiochministry@hotmail.comGlobal Church, Middle East
Eastern Europe- SlovakiaKosiceJon & Tanya Parks serve among Roma people in Kosice and Eastern Slovakia. The Roma have long been the largest – and most marginalized – minority in Europe. Many Roma in Slovakia face hunger, material poverty and discrimination, and the Parks seek short-term teams and volunteers to come share God’s love in word and action. Come help deepen and expand our work – what do you love to do? Some examples of teams needed include: help teach ESL and English classes in schools (all year); lead VBS-type camps for children and teens (July-August); lead educational and training seminars in various topics for adults (all year); and any other tangible ministries you might be able to offer.Year RoundUp to 20jparks@cbf.netGlobal Migration, English classes, education, children's camp, kids, youth, adults
Eastern Europe- Slovakia/Czech RepublicCBF Field Personnel Dianne and Shane McNary partner with churches and local ministries in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Their work is primarily with the Romany people who are most outcast and marginalized in that part of the world. In hopes of expanding outreach to this group, groups have ongoing opportunities to partner with local ministries for Backyard Bible Clubs, Youth Camps, Sports Camps, Family Camps, and English Outreach camps.Year Round5-30shane.mcnary@gmail.comGlobal Church, children, youth, family, camps, sports
USAARHelenaJanee coordinates the Together For Hope efforts in Helena. Each year hundreds of volunteers gather in Helena to minister and staff summer camps that directly impact this impoverished portion of rural Arkansas. Teams, families and individuals are encouraged to participate in these camps.July 6th - July 12th & July 13th - July 19th, 2020Variesjanee.tisby@outlook.comGlobal Poverty, summer camps, rural
USATXDallas/Fort WorthCBF Field Personnel Karen Morrow works with small teams to build beloved community and bear witness to Christ with refugee families as they acclimate to life in the US, learn English, find jobs and understand healthcare and employment issues in a new and foreign country. Be a part of reaching the nations and experience new cultures through children and youth activities, sport camps, ESL classes and more.School breaks preferred (summer, Christmas, or spring breaks)kmorrow@cbf.netGlobal Migration, kids, youth, sports, camps, ESL classes, refugee
Eastern Europe- MoldovaCBF Field Personnel Keith Holmes and Mary Van Rheenen, resource coordinators for Romany ministries, work on projects throughout Europe. Keith creates and distributes media resources in Romany languages. Mary is also involved in Romany outreach in Moldova. This country, though rich in agricultural resources, has become the poorest country in Europe. Teams are needed to assist local believers in holding a 3-4 day camp for teenagers and a 3-evening women's conference in a Romany village. The team will coordinate with a local pastor to arrange physical recreation, music, crafts, and other activities.Summer6-7holmes@cbf.netGlobal Church, kids, youth, camp, recreation
USAKYNada & Owsley CountyTogether for Hope Poverty Partner Paula Settle coordinates this work. This involves more than 15 church mission teams each year and housing repairs. Teams are needed throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall for housing repairs.Spring, Summer, and Fallpaula5005@bellsouth.netGlobal Poverty, construction
USATXTeams are needed to assist with work along the Texas/Mexico border doing construction projects, medical-dental projects, and youth-children-community outreach. ESL, Computer Lab, Community Garden, Pastoral & Leadership Training, Church Planting, construction of new church buildings and building new houses.Year RoundAny size
Global Migration, construction, medical, dental, kids, youth
USASCNorth CharlestonMetanoia is an organization that focuses on asset based community development through its programs of year round youth leadership programs (grades 1-12), establishing quality, affordable housing for first time home owners as well as renters, and the economic rejuvenation of the commercial corridors of our community. We have worked for 14 years in the Chicora-Cherokee community located in the southern part of North Charleston. This area was adversely affected with the closing of the US Navy Base that employed more than 30,000 people. This ministry and all who participate are led to a true “metanoia” or transformation of the heart and mind. Churches and individuals may connect through mentoring opportunities, construction and painting projects, home renovation endeavors and work in the neighborhood community garden.Weekend or week long mission trips year round12-35 people, primarily age 15 and older, though we occasionally make allowances for family mission trips with younger childrenBill Stanfield
Poverty, urban, construction, mentoring, community gardening
USAOKCanton, Geary, & WatongaCBF Oklahoma has made a ten-year commitment to work with the Native American Churches in Canton, Geary, and Watonga in Northwest Oklahoma. This year we will traveled to Northwest Oklahoma for our seventh summer. Opportunities are available to lead VBS working with the American Baptist Ministry of Canton, the All Tribes Baptist Church in Geary, and the Watonga Indian Baptist Church. Construction teams can also partner with these congregations in repair and renovations to their churches. If you are looking for a place of service and mission for this summer CBF Oklahoma will support your endeavors in discovering God at work among these three congregations.

In addition to these, CBF OK is developing new partnerships with the Wichita Community Church, located on the campground of the Oklahoma Indian American Baptist Association in Anadarko and the First American Baptist Church in Hobart. The possibilities for what these trips can undertake will be determined in partnership with your congregation, these Native American congregations, and CBF OK.
Summer 2020
Target dates: June 19-27 and July 13-21
sgraham@cbfok.orgGlobal Church, VBS, daycamp, kids, youth, sports, art, work projects, library, and nursing home for youth groups and adult teams
USAOKThe CBF Oklahoma has joined churches from the Oklahoma Indian American Baptist Associational Camp in restoring their 40-acre campground and facilities. In the spring of 2015 over 100 people from the OIABA, Progressive Baptists and CBF Oklahoma joined together to clear debris from a tornado over six years ago that also destroyed the tabernacle. The OIABA, along with CBF Oklahoma and CBF, raised support to restore the tabernacle that had not been used since the devastating storm. With the roof restored the association has been able to use the camp ground the last three summers. Teams are encouraged to join in future projects to sustain the campground. If interested contact Steve Graham at the CBF Oklahoma, 405-447-2417Throughout the year of 2020sgraham@cbfok.orgGlobal Church, construction, restoration
USAOKSummer interns are being sought to work within CBF OK churches for the summer of 2019 through the CBF Student.Church program. Oklahoma congregations have opportunities for college students to learn and serve. Contact Steve Graham at 405-447-2471 for more information.

Opportunities are also available for these interns to work with the youth from the 12 churches that make up the Oklahoma Indian American Baptist Association. These interns would work with the Native American churches in preparation for their week of summer camp at Bacone College in Muskogee and with the mission teams working in Northwest Oklahoma.
Summer 2020sgraham@cbfok.orgGlobal Church, youth, summer
USAOKMission teams interested in offering support for new church starts in SW Kansas by doing construction and building relationships with Hispanic churches, should contact Steve Graham, 405-447-2417 Summer 2020sgraham@cbfok.orgGlobal Church, construction, new church starts
USAOKA new student ministry, Cooperative Student Fellowship: Pivot, on the campus of the University of Oklahoma is being shaped and led by students to encourage leadership development, embrace a sense of call, engage in CBF and CBFOK mission and ministry, and explore peace and justice issues and opportunities. Last summer this group travelled to Metro Baptist in NYC. The summer before they adventured to Barcelona and worked with CBF Field Personnel, Matt and Michelle Norman. The group is presently meeting and developing plans to go to Puerto Rico and work with CBF field personnel. CBF Oklahoma is interested in providing an intern or residency position for an individual or individuals who would be interested in working with this student ministry for the Spring, Summer and/or Fall Semesters of 2019.Spring, Summer and/or Fall Semesters of 2020Individuals or Couplessgraham@cbfok.orgGlobal Church, campus ministry, university
USANYBrooklynA long-time partner of CBF in New York City, Greater Restoration Baptist Church is located in Crown Hieghts, Brooklyn. One focus of GRBC is the Albany Homes development, one of the largest housing developments in New York City. Teams are needed to lead a park day camp for the children of Albany Homes. Teams will meet children at Albany Homes and walk them to a nearby park for the day camp experience, with free lunch at the local school.July 12-August 7 in 1 week incrementscoralieg18@gmail.com or 347-707-4110Global Poverty, kids, youth, camp, urban
USANCEdgecombe, Nash counties, and northeastern NCAnna Anderson, CBF field personnel, and LaCount Anderson, mission engagement partner, serve in eastern NC, primarily centered in Halifax and Edgecombe Counties. Their ministry is a Together For Hope site and continues to expand. The work includes summer events in Christian education as well as, gardening, music and art, and food distribution.landerson@cbf.netGlobal Poverty, VBS, garden, food ministries, shelter
South Asia- IndiaCBF Field Personnel Sam Bandela works in remote villages through micro-enterprise endeavors as well as outreach opportunities that impact these local communities at the very point of their need. Individuals are needed to assist with community wide graduation events to present graduates with diplomas and sewing machines.sam_bandela@hotmail.comGlobal Poverty, schools, micro-enterprise
South Asia- IndiaCBF Field Personnel Sam Bandela works in remote villages through micro-enterprise endeavors as well as outreach opportunities that impact these local communities at the very point of their need. There is a need for teachers and groups to lead VBS. Volunteers will help teach in a Bible college and will assist in translation. A background in preaching and teaching is suggested. sam_bandela@hotmail.comGlobal Church, teachers, Bible college, preaching, translation
South Asia- IndiaCBF Field Personnel Sam Bandela works in remote villages through micro-enterprise endeavors as well as outreach opportunities that impact these local communities at the very point of their need. Volunteers will assist with medical checkups that include: tests for needs known and unknown and HIV/AIDS checkups. A background in the medical field is required. Medical doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are preferred.sam_bandela@hotmail.comGlobal Poverty, medical, HIV/AIDS
Eastern Europe- RomaniaThe Ruth School teaches Grades 0-8 in the Ferentari district which has a majority of Romany children. They provide the opportunity for VBS clubs with various dates throughout the school year and summer. Other possible activities include leading After-School programs, field trips for classes, Chapel, recreation, crafts, music, and Teacher-training seminars. Further opportunities include working with the women of the Naomi Center who learn sewing skills.Year Round5-20Executive Director of Project Ruth, Mihai Ciopasiu (Mihai.ciopasiu@project-ruth.org) and Brittany Garton, Volunteer Director (Brittany.garton@project-ruth.org)Global Migration, school, VBS, kids, youth
Eastern Europe- RomaniaThe Gypsy Smith School, located in the capitol city of Bucharest, needs two instructors to lead ministry training for Roma church leaders for one of three sessions offered each year (November, January, March). The instructors will each teach one course for 13.5 hours from Monday-Friday. Experience as a pastor or lay leader with teaching experience is required.November, January, March2 Instructors neededExecutive Director of Project Ruth, Mihai Ciopasiu (Mihai.ciopasiu@project-ruth.org) and Brittany Garton, Volunteer Director (Brittany.garton@project-ruth.org)Global Church, school, church leaders, teaching
Southeast Asia- IndonesiaBaliJonathan and Tina Bailey need 2 artists-in-residence willing to commit 1-6 months working alongside artists in Bali while learning the traditional arts and culture. Opportunities include possibilities of collaboration fusing western and eastern art forms. Those interested in serving should contact Jonathan and Tina sharing their gifts and existing skill sets. Volunteers needed mid-September-October.2 artists-in-residencetbailey@cbf.netGlobal Church, art
USAFLHomesteadTouching Miami with Love: West Homestead Site- Angel and Jason Pittman direct Touching Miami with Love that serves the Miami-Dade communities of Overtown and West Homestead. This transformational ministry provides programming opportunities year-round for children, high school youth, and adults along with community outreaches and services as well. Visit http://www.touchingmiamiwithlove.org for more information.Our dates for Summer 2020 are:
Week 1 6/17-6/21
Week 2 6/24-6/28
Week 3 7/1-7/5
Week 4 7/8-7-12
Week 5 7/15-7/19
Week 6 7/22-7/26
Some weeks are already booked, so use info@touchingmiamiwithlove.org to see if requested date and site is available.
10-20 people
Volunteers must be at least age 14 and have completed 8th grade.
angel@touchingmiamiwithlove.orgGlobal Poverty, children, youth
GreeceAthensEnglish Language Day Camp for approximately 30 Albanian Children, ages 7-12 at PORTA, The Albania House in Athen s.Team members will resource the teaching of English language in a “VBS like” format, using simple vocabulary, Bible Stories, crafts, games and music. Volunteers will be responsible for their airfare, housing and meals. The team will be asked to choose a theme and develop lessons, in consultation with Blerina Mile (Co-director of PORTA) and Janice Newell (Co-Founder and former Co-Director of PORTA). The team will prepare crafts for 30 children for each of the 5 days.June 24-28, 20206-10 Adultsbandjnewell@hotmail.comGlobal Church, school, English, children, sports
USATXHoustonAs the most diverse city in America, Houston provides a myriad of opportunities to learn about refugees, international students and various faith groups, particularly Islam. Houston is also a major hub in the US for human trafficking. Groups coming to Houston for a short term experience can expect to be immersed into a variety of cultural and religious experiences that will help them increase understanding about the many different peoples who now call America home. Van tours of the city will highlight exactly how and where human trafficking is taking place and will help prepare participants to respond to trafficking in their areas. Increasing awareness and understanding of cross cultural acquisition will help groups discern and vision for how they can engage with the nations upon their return home.
High school, college and adult groups are welcome. http://www.cbfinternationals.org
High school, college and adult groups are welcome. http://www.cbfinternationals.org
Year Round20 People Maxbgreen@cbf.netGlobal Migration, human trafficking, cross-cultural
USAFLSaint PetersburgProvide leadership and supervision of recreational/crafts/music activities for the morning schedule (usually looks like rotation schedule VBS) of the Summer Literacy Camp. Volunteers may also work in mentoring and reading with students in the afternoon literacy programming. Groups that particularly like building and maintenance projects (painting, landscaping, etc.) can also be used.SummerPreferably 8 -12, but larger groups can be accommodated.micahcenterpinellas@gmail.comGlobal Church, children, art, sports, crafts, music
ThailandChiang RaiChiang Rai International Christian School is seeking volunteer teachers for the 2019-2020 school year. This K-12 school serves children of missionaries and ministries from multiple nations as well as Thai children. All classes are taught in English. Teachers in Special Ed, Art, Music, PE, and English as a Second Language are needed. We keep an updated list of needs on our website: http://crics.asia/Academic School YearIndividual teachers (Must have a valid teaching certificate, must be able to handle heat and humidity)recruiter@crics.asiaEducation, K-12
West Africa-TogoMaritime Region Avépozo, Lomé This opportunity allows groups of 1-4 people to share in a community house who God has made them to be. Most of our ministry is through helping the community present clubs like English, Science, Soccer and Bible. We also have clubs involving small animal husbandry and gardens with compost. Housing are on site, for volunteers staying longer than a week, or in missionary's home for less than a week. Individuals and couples have stayed up to 3 months. French and other languages are spoken locally, but one can share quite a bit in English if they are willing to be flexible. One thing we do not do is bring in outside materials to entertain or craft-wise the participants here. Crafts and science projects can be done using local materials. Dance, singing, and all kinds of music are also welcome.Any time except Feb -May 2020 1-4
Volunteers have to take anti malarial medicine.
The temperature and the humidity are both high.
Must be able to walk in sand and climb two flights of stairs.
mikehcbf@gmail.com Community development, Children, Adults
SlovakiaKosiceWe're looking for teams who could help with light construction projects, including (but not limited to) repairs and improvements at the Roma school and/or the Roma church where we partner, and/or in a local village with some house-repair and house-building projects. Any level of ability welcomed, but experienced construction teams must be willing to learn local methods and materials.April-October (too cold in deep winter months)Maximum 10 preferred, but willing to discuss larger groupsjparks@cbf.netConstruction
SlovakiaKosiceBible Clubs – planning and running a series of Bible clubs for children and families in different locations, including Kosice city and some outlying villages.June, July, AugustMaximum 10 preferred, but willing to discuss larger groupsjparks@cbf.netChildren, VBS, Bible Clubs
SlovakiaKosiceSummer Camp – planning and running a camp for Roma kids in communities who don’t usually have anything to do during the summer months. This could be a day camp or an away camp, including different games and activities with a spiritual emphasis.July-AugustMaximum 10 preferred, but willing to discuss larger groupsjparks@cbf.netChildren
SlovakiaKosiceEnglish Blitz – planning and running conversational English activities with a spiritual emphasis, in several locations with both Roma and Slovak students, children to adults. Previous ESL experience is a plus but not necessary – as long as you can speak English, you’re qualified.During Slovak school year - September 1 to June 30Maximum 10 preferred, but willing to discuss larger groupsjparks@cbf.netChildren, English, ESL
SlovakiaKosiceMission Immersion Experience – this kind of trip is designed to help a group learn more about God’s mission, serving cross-culturally, and about themselves. Various activities with a focus on active learning, conversation with many types of people, and introduction to ways of living “missionally.” Could include conversational English classes, Bible clubs and other children's activities. These trips are flexible in schedule, and can be molded to the specific interests and gifts of the group. It’s possible to use CBF’s Pivot Curriculum.Any time of yearIdeally 4-6, but larger groups can be accommodatedjparks@cbf.netChildren, English
BrazilSao PauloLindóiaTeach Sunday Teachers and small business owners
-Sound system
-How to lead small groups

Buildings maintenance (paint, carpentry)
Lead VBS craft and share about the gospel

Summer20 people (must be able to walk)smesilva2@gmail.comBuilding maintenance
Music and sound system operation
Social media and the local church.
BrazilSao PauloLindóiaThe volunteers will teach children under the age of 10 English as a second language about three mornings a week and adult English twice a week. Teachers will help to set up a school program. http://www.ibali.orgYear Round4 adults (college graduates)smesilva2@gmail.comTeaching English, Teaching Bible, counselling parents, teach Basketball
USAFLNorthern FloridaRebuilding from damage incurred during Hurricane Irma: replace drywall, flooring, tile and cabinets/countertops. Skilled plumbers, carpenters and roofers needed, but unskilled volunteers are welcome. Licensed contractor will supervise all groups. Requires dirty, manual work. Groups should provide tools as able.Year RoundUp to 50 volunteersMelissa Rodriguez: mrodriguez16@floridacbf.org Disaster Response
Puerto RicoCleaning up debris, painting, small construction projects etc. after hurricane damage and/or VBS. $40 per volunteer/per day (cost includes lodging, 3 meals prepared by churches, transportation within Puerto Rico, and a translator)January 2020 - Summer 2020Up to 25+jesus_edgardo@hotmail.com Disaster Response
USANorth CarolinaTrentonTrenton, NC is a town of 300 that was severely flooded by Hurricane Florence with over 90 percent of the homes damaged. The long-term recovery effort will initially involve the clean out of homes and other property as well as the removal of drywall, flooring and other water-damaged materials. This will be followed by the replacement of floor and wall materials as well as cabinets and other household features.
Recovery from flooding: clean up homes and other structures, remove/replace flooring and drywall and other damaged features. Plumbing, wiring and/or carpentry expertise needed. Requires dirty, manual work. Groups should provide tools. Financial assistance with purchase of construction materials for each job is welcome. To help build local resilience and readiness, assistance with the town's official website and grant writing is welcome. We will accept volunteers middle school age and up but certain types of activities should only be done by older teens and adults.
Year round beginning September 30, 2020Up to 25daynettesnead@gmail.comDisaster Response
USASouth CarolinaConwayFlood clean up and recovery. Removal of damaged items, flooring, walls, etc. in homes affected by Hurricane Florence. Work will be physically demanding.
14 and over only. People with sensitivities to mold, heat, humidity, or physically demanding work discouraged from participating.
Mid October 2018-June 2020Groups up to 15 preferred, but we may be able to accommodate groups of other sized upon requestoffice@cbfsc.orgDisaster Response, Clean Up, Flood, Hurricane
USAFloridaPort St. JoeTeams are currently needed in Port St. Joe to muck out homes, clear roads and yards of vegetative and non-vegetative debris, as well as repair and rebuild roofs and homes. Both skilled and non-skilled workers are welcome. Volunteer teams working in the Port St. Joe area will be hosted by St. James Episcopal Church. Construction oversight available. Ongoing needUp to 30 can be housed in St. James Episcopal.
Open to youth and adults.
rshapard12@floridacbf.org Disaster Response
USACaliforniaOaklandThe team will be conducting a Vacation Bible School for Mongolian and Tibetan children in partnership with a Mongolian Christian church in Oakland, California with CBF field personnel Lita & Rick Sample. Includes Bible story, crafts, music, and games. We expect 50-60 kids. There might also be the option of including a sports camp for teenagers. The volunteer team will need to provide all materials and supplies as well as pay for their own food and lodging. early to mid-August 2020 or possibly early July 10-15 people rsample@cbf.net

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