October 16-21, 2022 and March 12-17, 2023

A Place at the Table for Everyone
Luke 14:12-14


Prayer Insert - Dated

OGM Week of Prayer Bulletin Insert

A printable bulletin insert with information about the Offering for Global Missions Week of Prayer, including tips for ways your church can support CBF field personnel through prayer and giving.

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Week of Prayer bulletin inserts are available in Dated or Undated versions.
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Because Presence Matters Litany-thumb

Because Presence Matters Litany

Download this litany for use during a worship service during the Week of Prayer
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Week of Prayer Photos

Download a ZIP archive of 6 Week of Prayer photos, one for each day.
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Week of Prayer Worship Guide

A worship guide intended for a private worship time as you engage with the prayer requests.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Download and print this frequently asked questions document to share with church members, missions committees or others who are interested in knowing the details of how the CBF Offering for Global Missions works.

Day 1

Day 1 Global Church Prayer Requests

  • Pray for field personnel who are invited to the table with churches and organizations in their communities. Pray they will be an encouragement to those at the table.
  • Pray for an abundance of the necessary resources field personnel bring to the table.

Day 2

Day 2 Global Poverty Prayer Requests

  • Pray for an abundance of provisions to be laid out on the table for everyone to partake.
  • Pray for field personnel as they work to end food insecurity, economic instability, and systemic poverty.

Day 3

Day 3 Global Migration Prayer Requests

  • Pray for those field personnel encounter in the midst of their migration and displacement whether caused by conflict or lack of resources.
  • Pray for opportunities for field personnel to invite those in migration and displacement an opportunity to rest and stay for a while at the table.

Day 4

Day 4 Cultivating Beloved Community Prayer Requests

  • Pray for sweet fellowship as field personnel invite and gather with others at the table.
  • Pray for those invited that they will accept the invitation to join in the beloved community at the table.

Day 5

Day 5 Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ Prayer Requests

  • Pray for field personnel as they work to build trusting relationships that comes through long term presence.
  • Pray that God’s light and love will shine through field personnel as they gather at the table with those invited.

Day 6

Day 6 Seeking Transformational Development Prayer Requests

  • Pray for field personnel as they address systems and situations keeping people marginalized and away from the table.
  • Pray for mutual transformation as everyone gathers at the table and seeks solutions together.