Thursday & Friday Workshops

Thursday Morning – 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Race, Ethnicity and Communion
Reunion B
Former Baptist World Alliance General Secretary and author of From Fragmentation to Communion: Race, Ethnicity and Commuion probes why churches need to overcome barriers of exclusion erected on the grounds of race or ethnicity and how this is happening today.
Facilitator: Dr. Neville Callam, former Baptist World Alliance General Secretary

Advocacy from the Inside: Reflections and Suggestions for Effective Faith-Based Advocacy
Reunion C
Melissa Rogers is an attorney and recognized First Amendment expert who has spent her distinguished career at the intersection of faith and public policy. She recently served as the Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships under President Obama. Learn from her vast experience as she shares insights and encourages effective, faithful advocacy by Cooperative Baptists.
Facilitator: Melissa Rogers, Senior Fellow for the Brookings Institute and former Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

#metoo: Join The Movement, Be the Change
Reunion G
The #metoo movement shed light on the ever-present reality of sexual abuse in our society. This workshop, through dialogue, discussion and storytelling, will address this insidious problem and offer practical suggestions for Cooperative Baptists as they seek to speak truth, offer care to victims and survivors and lead churches to work for change.
Facilitators: Pam Durso, Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministr; Stephen Reeves, CBF Associate Coordinator for Partnerships and Advocacy

Civil Rides
Pegasus B
We will screen a clip from our documentary film tentatively entitled “A Civil Hope,” which chronicles Civil Rides — the three-day, 200-mile bicycle ride from the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Miss. We will also discuss the significance of the ride for Together for Hope, CBF’s rural poverty coalition.
Facilitators: Jason Coker, CBF Mississippi Field Coordinator and Together For Hope Coordinator; Rand Jenkins, Founder and President of Out Hunger

CBF Podcasts Presents: Reclaiming Hope For our Politics
Pegasus A
At a time of bitter polarization and political upheaval, what resources does the Christian faith offer for this moment? Michael Wear will diagnose what is ailing our politics, and offer ideas about the contribution Christian communities can make toward political renewal.
Facilitators: Andy Hale, CBF Podcast Host; Aaron Weaver, CBF Communications Director; Michael Wear, Founder of Public Square Strategies and former Obama White House and campaign staffer

Thursday June 14 – 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Preaching and the Power of Story
Cumberland L
Why is it that people remember the stories long after they have forgotten the point? What is it about stories that make them so powerful and memorable? Jim Somerville will consider these and other questions in a breakout that will also include a number of practical tips for effective storytelling.
Facilitator: Jim Somerville, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Richmond, Va.

God, Image and Mental Health
Riverchon A
This workshop, for anyone doing pastoral care, will provide a framework for assessing the personal theology, and the underlying, sometimes unconscious, operational faith of the care recipient as well as the congruence of practical and professed beliefs with a goal of ethically integrating this assessment into the plan of care.
Facilitator: Chris O'Rear, CBF-endorsed Chaplain, Counseling Center at Belle Meade UMC

Spiritual Care Skills Training for Lay Persons
Moreno A
Congregations are swamped with the emotional, relational, physical and spiritual needs of members. Lay pastoral care can help address these needs if lay persons are adequately trained. In the tradition of Dr. Wayne Oates, author and professor, the Oates Institute provides online training in spiritual/pastoral care skills. This workshop will describe how this program can equip lay persons to better provide care to those who are experiencing loss, hospitalization, nursing home residence, and more. The Faith Partner initiative at University Baptist Church in Houston will be used as an example.
Facilitator: Rick Underwood, Executive Director, Wayne Oates Institute

Where the World is Welcome
Cumberland E
Two organizations with the same question — how do we extend Christ's love to our increasingly multicultural community? In this workshop we will explore how a nonprofit and a CBF church stumbled across each other and found a common path to cultivate beloved community. How can your church effectively partner with local agencies to do missions in your own neighborhood?
Facilitators: Mark McClintock, Pastor, Speedway Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Ind.; Joel Vestal, Founder and Director, Migros Aid, Inc.

#churchtoo: Resourcing Your Congregation on the Issue of Clergy Sexual Abuse
Pegasus A
The Clergy Sexual Misconduct Task Force, co-sponsored by Baptist Women in Ministry and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, will present a new resource for churches titled “Safe Churches and Ministers.” This video resource also will be made available for use by church groups, deacons and church staff and leadership.
Facilitators: Pam Durso, Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry; Stephen Reeves, CBF Associate Coordinator of Partnerships and Advocacy

Eye of the Storm: Strategies and Self-Care for Facing the Media
Cumberland J
Churches no longer live under the media radar, but few clergy and laypeople are comfortable in the spotlight. Join us to hear from pastors and church members who have faced the media storm. We’ll share best practices and stories of God’s goodness in the chaos.
Facilitators: Ellen Di Giosia, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, Tenn.; Jay Pritchard, Co-Founder and Partner, Upward Strategy Group

Understanding Religious Liberty in the Current Climate
Pegasus B
The Baptist Joint Committee reports on the latest religious liberty news from Washington, D.C., including Supreme Court cases, legislation and actions of the Trump administration.
Facilitator: Holly Hollman, General Counsel and Associate Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Helping Refugees Thrive
Cumberland A
This workshop will examine work among refugees and best practices that help them become an integral part of their new society. It will examine what it means for a refugee to assimilate, integrate or acclimate. From the newly arrived and meeting basic needs, to help after disaster, to business as mission and engaging the local church in relationships with refugees, this breakout will look at work primarily in Houston, Texas, as well as other areas in the United States.
Facilitators: Butch and Nell Green, CBF field personnel, Houston, Texas

So You Want to be a Chaplain or Pastoral Counselor
Moreno B
A panel of four CBF chaplains and pastoral counselors will discuss their journey to become a hospital, VA, military chaplain and/or a pastoral counselor. We will allow time for audience dialogue and participation.
Facilitator: Gerry Hutchinson, CBF Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Manager

Connecting Campus and Congregations
Cumberland I
Campuses and congregations often live in tension centering on what one takes from the other. Imagine if the university campus was a place resourcing congregations, seeking underserved communities and partnering with congregations to be leaders in the community? We’ll explore why these partnerships are worth exploring and how to start.
Facilitator: Brian Foreman, Director of CYTI, Associate Campus Minister and Adjunct Professor of Christian Education, Campbell University, Buies Creek, N.C.

The Dr. Emmanuel McCall Racial Justice and Leadership Initiative Workshop
Cumberland F
The Dr. Emmanuel McCall Racial Justice and Leadership Initiative Workshop will explore the many ways CBF churches and individuals can work towards racial justice. Come, learn and sign up to participate.
Facilitator: Kasey Jones, CBF Associate Coordinator of Operations and Outreach

What’s for Lunch?
Cumberland B
“What's for Lunch?” is a unique way that congregations can impact children's literacy by providing access to books for those participating in summer meal programs. Participants will learn how to network with other community groups that provide meals to increase attendance in those programs and decrease “summer slide” in reading. Literacy ConneXus will suggest strategies to gather books and share a variety of best practices for supporting early literacy. Participants will leave the workshop with a plan to impact literacy in the summer of 2018 and following.
Facilitator: Lester Meriwether, Executive Director, Literacy ConneXus

Money, Debt and Compensation Relief
Cumberland H
Clergy compensation on average is lower than comparable occupations across the nation. Clergy debt on average is even higher. Many of today's pastoral leaders are drowning in debt and frustration. When personal debt is high, frustration is high. When frustration is high, confidence is low and leadership is less effective. The CBF Ministerial Excellence Initiative is helping pastoral leaders regain their confidence and lower their anxiety about money. With financial literacy sessions, financial advising, coaching and direct money grants, we are helping pastoral leaders reduce debt, make a plan and grow as leaders. Come hear about this exciting initiative, hear how you can be part of this grant process, and grow with us.
Facilitator: Bo Prosser, CBF Ministerial Excellence Initiative Leader, Clergy Coach and Dawnings Consultant

Church at Home for Inbound Elders
Riverchon B
Church at Home is a model of ministry in which a small group of people go to the home of an older adult to enable small group worship similar to congregational worship of the church. This ministry addresses spiritual needs of aging, reduces isolation and increases hope of participants.
Facilitators: Greg Smith, Senior Pastor, Scott Boulevard Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga; Sara Robb, Associate Pastor, Scott Boulevard Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga.

Youth Ministry Think Space
Cumberland C
Discussing with peers what's happening in our youth ministry right now.
Facilitators: Megan Turner-Doud, Assocate Minister in Student Ministries, First Baptist Church Aiken, S.C., President of CBF Youth Ministry Network; CBF Youth Ministry Network

Friday June 15 – 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Environmental Stewardship for People of Faith
Cumberland B
What is ours to do as people of faith relative to creation care and environmental sustainability? This workshop serves as an introduction to this conversation and provides tools participants can use to extend the conversation to constituents. It also suggests basic points of action for consideration as we seek to live responsibly among the created order.
Facilitators: Sam Harrell, CBF Associate Coordinator of Global Missions; Jeff Lee, CBF field personnel, Macedonia

Children's Ministry Best At...
Cumberland H
We will gather children's ministers who we feel are best at: camp, VBS, Sunday School, etc. to share their tips and best practices around certain areas.
Facilitators: Carrie Veal, Chair of CBF Children's Ministry Network and Minister of Children and Community Life, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C; Becky Caswell-Speight, Minister to Families with Children, Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga.

Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy
Cumberland G
A panel discussion of experts in CBF life regarding current status of immigrant and refugee advocacy with up-to-date information from a global missions and local church perspective.
Facilitators: Stephen Reeves, CBF Associate Coordinator of Partnerships and Advocacy; Anyra Cano-Valencia, Youth Minister, Iglesia Bautista Victoria en Cristo, Ft. Worth, Texas

Creating a Culture of Call
Cumberland L
Come explore ways to nurture the call of ministry for the next generation. Wilshire Baptist Church will share lessons learned in creating a comprehensive culture of call and nurturing those pursuing vocational ministry. How might strategies of call culture be implemented in your own setting?
Facilitators: George Mason, Senior Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas; Darren DeMent, Minister to Students, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas; Gerrie McKenzie, Associate Director of Pathways to Ministry, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

I Was Hungry
Cumberland A
For people of faith our calling is clear: “For I was hungry and you gave me food.” Come learn how congregations and faith based nonprofits are winning the battle against domestic hunger on a local, state, and federal level. Participants will leave this session learning creative ways to end hunger in their communities by working collaboratively and strengthening advocacy on behalf of (and with) our brothers and sisters in poverty.
Facilitators: Alexis Weaver, Community Impact Manager, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Atlanta, Ga.; Jason Coker, CBF Mississippi Field Coordinator and Together For Hope Coordinator; Jeremy Everett, Executive Director, Texas Hunger Initaitive, Baylor University

Collegiate Mission; Not Just Ministry
Cumberland E
Serving, engaging and growing college students as Christians requires us to see this endeavor as an opportunity to reach an un-reached people group, rather than just giving a safe place for our own students. Shifting our focus is our hope for the future of Christ's church.
Facilitator: Wanda Kidd, CBF Collegiate Ministries Specialist

Where Are the Funds? An Overview of Church Finances
Pegasus A
This workshop is targeted toward pastors, other ministers and lay leaders, highlighting best practices in significant areas of church finances — giving, budgeting, reporting, expense management, policies, Finance Committees, etc. This workshop will equip ministers and lay leaders to be more confident stewards of God's-given, and people's-entrusted, resources.
Facilitator: Nathan Edwards, Manager Member, Missional Business Services

Caring, Sustaining, and Thriving: How The Church Can Better Care For Those Who Care For It
Sanger A
Each day there are people who tirelessly give of themselves to the church. They do so not for a paycheck or for recognition. They do so for the love of the place, the people and the calling to the Faith they hold. In most churches, these represent the 20/80 rule. This twenty percent do eighty percent of the work of the church. Literally and figuratively, these twenty percent are dying because of older age or burn out. So how can we better care for them? What do we do to preserve and sustain their passion and calling? How do we create a place and space where future generations who want to follow and serve and our twenty percent does not decrease, but finds increase?
Facilitator: Scott Lee, CBF-endorsed Chaplain and Staff Support Chaplain at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

The Trauma of Racism: Breaking Cycles of Violence and Building Resilience
Cumberland I
Unaddressed trauma leads to an endless cycle of violence. This workshop explores the history of race in the U.S. as a system of trauma, looks at its on-going impact, and imagines practical steps to break free and the personal and corporate resiliency we'll need in order to do so.
Facilitator: LeDayne Polaski, Executive Director, Bautistas por La Paz

Think Global, Act Local: Educating, Engaging and Empowering the Pursuit of Social Justice
Cumberland J
A conversation led by Mitch Randall,'s executive director, to help churches educate, engage and empower new generations in pursuing social justice. This workshop will be a time to learn more about global challenges/trends/issues and how global Baptists are working to respond, and to discuss tangible ways for local churches to address them.
Facilitators: Zach Dawes, Jr., Managing Editor, Baptist Center for Ethics; Mitch Randall, Executive Director, Baptist Center for Ethics

Embodied Theology: Yoga as a Resource for Pastoral Ministry
Cumberland C
This workshop explores how the practices of yoga, including breath work, movement and meditation, can support pastors and lay leaders who provide care support for those in their congregations. Come ready to move, breathe, reflect and discuss. No yoga previous yoga experience required, but open minds and hearts are encouraged!
Facilitator: Meg Lacy, Associate Pastor, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Richmond, Va.

Bricks and Mortals: Conversations on Facilities and Mission
Cumberland K
Join a panel of staff and lay leaders from First Baptist Church on Fifth in Winston-Salem, N.C., as they share reflections on their recent decision to substantially reduce the building's footprint so as to ensure health and sustainability for its ministries and bold vision for the church’s future.
Facilitators: Emily Hull McGee, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church On Fifth, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Larry Hovis, Coordinator, CBF North Carolina; Chris Gambill, Director, Center for Congregational Health; Mary Foskett, member, FBC on Fifth; Scott Hudgins, member, FBC on Fifth; Amy McClure, Associate Pastor Children, Senior Adults, Pastoral Care, FBC on Fifth; John Thornton, Associate Pastor Youth, Adults, Missions, FBC on Fifth

Guns in the Pews? Guidelines for Church Security
Pegasus B
Using recent changes to Texas gun laws as an illustration, attendees will consider guidelines for security at churches. Each Baptist church has the autonomy to determine its own policies but should also take care in approaching guns and security in a way that both promotes safety and decreases church liability.
Facilitator: John Litzler, Director of the Church Law Division, Christian Unity Ministries

Boundary Awareness for Churches and Clergy
Cumberland F
Congregations and clergy are especially vulnerable to boundary violations. What does a healthy understanding of boundaries look like? We will suggest the depth and breadth of the challenge, and then will introduce a panel of female and male clergy and lay church leaders to talk through proactive and reactive approaches to the issues.
Facilitator: Bill Wilson, Director, Center for Healthy Churches

Friday June 15 – 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Worth & Shape: Worship in Evolving Contexts
Cumberland G
Dr. Randall Bradley is director of Church Music at Baylor and has been a minister of music since 1978. Rev. Jared Slack was born in 1982, knows a handful of guitar chords and just started an experimental worship service. Both have opinions about liturgy, and as you might expect, take differing approaches. Come discuss a theology of worship dynamic enough to embrace the evolving nature of church, without spiraling into more conversation about music style.
Facilitators: Jared Slack, Minister of Missional and Spiritual Formation, First Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; Randall Bradley, Ben H. Williams Professor of Music and Director of the Church Music Program and the Center of Christian Music Studies in the School of Music at Baylor University, Minister of Worship, Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, Texas

Baptists and Reverse Missions: Migration, Gender, and the Shape of the Baptist Future
Cumberland B
Migration and mission are central to the Baptist story. While the Baptist message was spread worldwide, thousands of immigrant Baptists brought back to the United States contextual versions of the faith taught to them by U.S. missionaries. This panel will deal with the history and contributions of Latina/o Baptists in the U.S.
Facilitators: John Finley, Executive Director, Baptist History and Heritage Society; Nora O. Lozano, Professor of Theological Studies and Director of the Latina Leadership Institute, Baptist University of the Americas; Joao Chaves, Lecturer, Baptist University of the Americas

Illumination Project Conversation
Reunion C
An exploration of how our Baptist polity gives us a way forward in the midst of diverse convictions.

Leadership in Our Multicultural Context
Cumberland K
What are the particular challenges of leadership in a multicultural context? As the U.S. demographics continue to shift toward greater diversity, are there unique skills leaders must demonstrate? Theological education and churches who prepare for these new forms of community will flourish and more fully represent the Body of Christ.
Facilitator: Molly Marshall, President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation, Central Baptist Theological Seminary; John Park, Vice President for Korean Community Outreach, Director of DMin Studies, and Des Peres Assistant Professor of Congregational Health, Central Baptist Theological Seminary; Terrell Carter, Director of Contextualized Learning and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Central Baptist Theological Seminary

Transitioning Congregations Inwardly so They Can Focus Outwardly: As Easy As ABCD
Cumberland C
Asset Based Community Development is a theoretical approach that focuses on local assets or strengths as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Asset mapping is biblical and is found throughout Christian Scripture. Congregational asset mapping can result in creating a healthy and holistic community ministry.
Facilitator: Gaynor Yancey, Professor and Director of the Center for Church and Community Impact, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Rethinking Success
Cumberland E
For far too long worship attendance and financial well-being have steered the church’s priority. This creates a culture of scarcity instead of engaging the life-giving culture of abundance. The Kingdom of God cannot be confined to a commercial metric of success. This workshop for lay leaders and clergy will begin to explore a new working definition of success, create a space of honest and hopeful dialogue, provide practical tools and build tangible goals to strive towards a culture of success.
Facilitator: Andy Hale, Senior Pastor, University Bapitst Church, Baton Rouge, LA

Through Brokenness to Healing: Building Resilience Through Beloved Community and Daily Practices
Cumberland A
Much of the work of Global Mission field personnel centers around bringing healing to broken lives, whether it is from human trafficking, sexual violence, disasters, poverty or marginalization. We often do not notice the pain and suffering of those around us and they may not notice ours. Many of us keep it well hidden. This workshop is for the broken and the healed, for laity and clergy. Together, we will look at tangible ways we can walk through brokenness to healing.
Facilitator: Cindy Ruble, CBF Field Personnel, Malaysia and Indonesia

Advancing a Jesus Worldview
Pegasus A
So-called “biblical” (or Christian) worldviews are redefining Christianity in terms of narrow doctrine and political ideologies, often at the expense of Jesus. The emerging Jesus Worldview Initiative seeks to refocus and reprioritize Christian commitments on following Jesus as the highest allegiance above all others.
Facilitators: John Pierce, Executive Editor/Publisher, Nurturing Faith; Bruce Gourley, Writer/Online Edition, Nurturing Faith

Cultivating Resilience in Ministry
Pegasus B
Are you a clergyperson whose energy for ministry is flagging in the face of difficulty? In this workshop participants will learn how to build up their resilience in ministry through leading with authenticity, handling feedback constructively, and tending to joy, thereby preparing themselves to thrive in their calling.
Facilitator: Laura Stephens-Reed, Clergy Coach and Congregational Consultant

Women's Conferences: Bringing the Community Together
Sanger B
How can community partnerships come together and create a substantive, life-changing conference experience for ALL women? After 13 years of successful organizing and executing community based women's conferences in several states, this workshop offers a proven plan to reach and engage ALL women for Christ!
Facilitators: Jane Lyon, Founder, Whole Women's Conference; Kristen Tucker, Associate Pastor, Spiritual Development and Communication, Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.

Creating Space for Brave Conversations about Race in the Church
Cumberland L
For generations, many churches have remained silent on the issue of racism, but this is changing. Through the New Baptist Covenant, churches are leaning in and tackling one of the major sins of our time — racism. Learn what you can do to create "brave spaces" in your congregation to address the issue of racism and to prepare your church to do the work of racial justice.
Facilitator: Hannah McMahan, Executive Director, New Baptist Covenant

Practicing Fearless Compassion in an Age of Anxiety
Cumberland J
In the face of some in our culture who foster fear and foment anger, the church is called to share the gospel with fearless compassion. Workshop leaders will explore some practical ways that churches and mission efforts today are courageously working toward transformation, reconciliation, and hope in our troubled world.
Facilitators: Bob Ellis, Dean of Logsdon Seminary, Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, Texas; Katherine Ellis, M.Div. student at Princeton Theological Seminary & former Student.Go missionary; Laura Ellis, M.Div. student at Boston University School of Theology and former Student.Go missionary

Reclaiming the "E-Word": Evangelism for the Postmodern Church
Cumberland H
This workshop will reframe the baggage that comes with the word “evangelism” into a new definition that prompts us to live out our missional call to love the world in word and deed with zeal. Grounded in the Holy Spirit, this new evangelism is brave, holy and radically incarnational.
Facilitator: Jenna Sullivan, 2017 CBF Vestal Scholar and seminary student at Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Awakening the Congregation to Sacred Justice
Moreno A
This workshop explores a new “Awakening” model for educating people of faith about justice issues. The model honors different learning styles and perspectives. This interactive workshop is designed for all who want to learn and engage the critical issues of our day.
Facilitator: Chrissy Williamson, Associate Minister, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.

Complex Conversations
Moreno B
This workshop will help you gain knowledge and understanding about palliative and hospice care. It will enable the attendee's to better deal with a crisis be it family or otherwise by having the conversation about end of life and having the tools to have the discussion peacefully, lovingly and graciously.
Facilitator: Gina Biddle, Laity, Wilshire Baptist, Dallas, Texas