Workshops 2022

Wednesday, June 29 — 1:30-2:30 p.m.


A Time to ACT: How One Historically White Congregation is Responding to the Call to Reconciliation and Inclusion

Location: Cumberland L

This workshop is a practical and organizational look at how one historically white congregation is organizing to ACT toward its mission of Reconciliation. You will be invited to look at the specific task forces and tasks involved in this immensely challenging resolve to lead a congregation to Acknowledgement, Confession, and toward Transformation into a fully welcoming and inclusive people of Reconciliation.

Nancy Bean is a licensed professional, educator, ordained minister, co-founder of Friends of Justice, and has chair of the Diversity/Inclusion Audit Task Force of the ACT Council at Broadway Baptist Church in Forth Worth, Texas.
David Grebel is an educator and community advocate, where he serves as minister at Broadway Baptist Church’s Agape Meal for persons experiencing homelessness and co-chairs Broadway’s ACT Council.
Ryon Price is Senior Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.
Mattie Peterson Compton is a retired federal prosecutor and deacon and co-chair of the ACT Council at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.
Alan Bean serves as Executive Director of Friends of Justice and is Chair of the History Task Force for the ACT Council at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.


Budgeting for Dreams or Dream-Crushing Budgets?

Location: Cockrell

Sponsored by the CBF Foundation, this is an opportunity to get tips to approach the church budgeting process with a desire to foster rather than inhibit the dreams of our ministers and leaders by focusing on different ways of building church budgets with tools that can immediately be put into practice in your church. The seminar will also deal with other common challenges and solutions around the topic of church budgets.

James B. Jordan, CPA, is a practitioner, author and teacher who focuses on financial matters for churches, and who teaches a financial management course for clergy at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology.


Caring for Self and Caring for Others: A safe space for ministers to process trauma

Location: Gaston B

Ministers show up and care regardless of the circumstances. Through the lens of trauma-informed expressive arts therapy, participants will learn how to recognize trauma signs, both large and small, in themselves as well as those they care for and explore healthy ways to release the stress that gets spored in the body.

Tina Bailey is a CBF field personnel serving in Bali, Indonesia, and a CBF-endorsed chaplain caring for those she serves in out-of-the-box ways through trauma-informed expressive arts processes.


CBF 101

Location: Pegasus B

At the heart of the Fellowship is our work together as we embrace our calling to support the thriving of congregations, participate in Jesus’ mission and offer a Christian public witness. Come & Connect with the mission and ministries of CBF and witness stories of impact when we invite each other into relationships of equipping as we seek God’s transformation of the world.

Paul Baxley is Executive Coordinator of CBF.
Kasey Jones is Associate Coordinator for Outreach and Growth for CBF.
Renee Owen is Director of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling for CBF.
Devita Parnell is Director of the Young Baptist Ecosystem for CBF.
Javier Perez is Director of Global Missions Program & Impact for CBF.


Community Ministry: Opening Spiritual Doors through Therapy and Accompaniment

Location: Sanger A

Encouraging an inspiring faithful response to address mental health issues and the accompanying gaps in the bilingual community, this presentation will showcase the direct efforts to expand needed mental services in the community with the development and implementation of counseling, legal and education services.

Veronica Molina, DSW, LMSW, ACSW, is a Professor and MSW Field Director, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas, and a bilingual licensed counselor with more than 16 years of social work experience; she leads the counseling office at La Puerta in central Texas.
Israel Loachamin is an Associate Pastor of Spanish Ministry, First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, and Executive Director of La Puerta, a nonprofit organization ministering to the Latino-Hispanic/immigrant community in central Texas.


Encouraging Trauma-Sensitive Congregations

Location: Reverchon A

Trauma is a word that you have probably have heard frequently, but you might not know how to define it or how to apply trauma sensitivity in your spaces. This is an opportunity for both clergy and laity to learn and discuss the effects of trauma and ultimately to care for all in their congregations.

Brianna Childs serves as a Pastoral Resident, Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, after graduating with a Master of Divinity from Truett Theological Seminary and a Master of Social Work from the Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University.


Let Me See: Visions of a ‘Kin-dom’ Coming

Location: Gaston A

Let me take you to the water of baptism. It is the reflection pool we need to see ourselves as Christ’s uncategorical and unsegregated body. Then, let’s talk about race and why it should never have been treated as a member of the North American church.

Starlette Thomas is an ordained minister, an Associate Editor and the Director of The Raceless Gospel Initiative at Good Faith Media.


Life > Tech: The Unmatchable Value of God’s Living Creation

Location: Cumberland I

Science tells us this decade is “make or break” time for our planetary life-support system. This presentation will share how protecting and regrowing God’s Living Creation has more than enough capacity to end hunger, reverse climate change and extinctions, and set the table for an inclusive, abundant future. Baptists can and should lead!

Jessica Hearne is a CBF field personnel serving in Danville, Va., where she manages the Grace and Main Urban Farm and Tool Library, providing fresh food and gardening education to people experiencing food insecurity.
Jeff Lee is a CBF field personnel working in Skopje, Macedonia, and is an environmental and agricultural consultant.
Sam Harrell is the CBF Associate Coordinator of Global Missions and previously served for 18 years as a CBF field personnel in Kenya, focused on mission, community development and environmental stewardship.
Katherine Smith is a former CBF field personnel and co-founder and Executive Director of Baptist Creation Care Initiative.
Chris Searles is the son of a Baptist minister, a life-long musician, and founder/director of BioIntegrity and


Redeeming Your Sanctuary: Re-Imagining a Grace-full Space

Location: Moreno A

Worship spaces are sacred places often full of tapestries and memories, furniture, and faithful services. However, a sanctuary can also be a space that unintentionally keeps people out, that turns people away in ways the average church members may never see. Whether you are a pastor, minister, lay leader or church attender, come and learn how to redeem your sanctuary by reimagining your worship space.

Erica Whitaker is Associate Director of the Institute for Black Church Studies, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky and is finishing her doctoral work at the International Baptist Study Center in Amsterdam.


Reimagining the Post-pandemic Church

Location: Moreno B

Despite the often-discouraging news about the state of the Christian church, some surprising and hopeful signs about its future are emerging. Join us as we describe some of the learnings that have come to light and discuss practical ways for congregational leaders to reimagine and reinvigorate congregational life.

Chris Gambill is the Director of the Center for Congregational Health at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, Winston-Salem, NC


Respecting Religion

Location: Pegasus A

Join the conversation on current issues impacting religious freedom as you watch a live recording of a Respecting Religion podcast. Baptist Joint Committee’s Amanda Tyler and Holly Hollman will talk about the most recent developments, such as Supreme Court cases, religious exemptions to vaccine mandates, and Christian nationalism.

Amanda Tyler is the Executive Director, BJC.
Holly Hollman is the General Counsel and Associate Executive Director, BJC.


Save Our Schools: How Individuals and Churches Can Advocate for Public Education

Location: Cumberland K

Ninety percent of America’s children attend public schools; yet many states have been defunding public education. Without adequate budgets, children may not receive the high-quality education that state constitutions promise. Clergy and laity can help save our schools by advocating on behalf of our children so that ALL may have the opportunity to thrive.

Sharon Felton is the Coordinator of Pastors for Kentucky Children and Associate Pastor of Students at Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY.
Rachel Gunter Shapard is Co-founder of Pastors for Florida Children and the Regional Vice President for Together for Hope in the Black Belt.
Cameron Vickrey is the Associate Director of Pastors for Texas Children and Co-founder of RootEd, a parent-led advocacy group in San Antonio.


State of Women in Baptist Life

Location: Cumberland J

Baptist Women in Ministry leaders will present statistics and analysis from the 2021 State of Women in Baptist Life Report and offer suggestions for the next steps in moving the Fellowship toward full embrace and elevation of women in ministry.

Meredith Stone is Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry.
Laura Ellis is Project Manager, Baptist Women in Ministry.


Ukraine and Burma: Compassion in Advocacy & Action

Location: Sanger B

Come and learn what CBF and our Baptist partners have been doing in response to the dual crises of Ukraine and Burma. The global Baptist family is on the front lines of both compassionate action and energetic advocacy in Eastern Europe, the United Nations, and in Washington D.C.

Shane McNary is a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel based in Poprad, Slovakia, Baptist World Alliance UN-Geneva representative and chair of European Baptist Federation’s Freedom and Justice Commission.
Scott Stearman is Interim Senior Pastor of Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa, Fla., convener of the International Advocacy Baptist Collaborative and Baptist World Alliance UN-NYC representative.
Elijah Brown is General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance (via Zoom).

Wednesday, June 29 — 3:00-4:00 p.m.


Baptists and Balance Sheets – Finance 101 for Church Leaders

Location: Cockrell

Churches are places where both spiritual and business leadership is needed. Yet, often, pastors and lay leaders feel ill-equipped to lead well when it comes to business and financial affairs. This workshop will offer an overview of some of the most basic financial management best practices which are most important for the local church setting and that, when implemented, can lead to greater transparency, confidence and increased financial support from congregation members.

James B. Jordan, CPA, is a practitioner, author and teacher focused on the subject of financial matters for churches. He teaches a financial management course for clergy at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology.


Capellanía: Una Vocación Espiritual

Location: Cumberland I

En este taller exploraremos lo que implica el rol del capellán en el actual contexto ministerial. Nos responderemos a las preguntas ¿quién puede ser un/a capellán? ¿Qué es necesario para el estudio y práctica de la capellanía certificada? Buscaremos entender el proceso y su carácter relevante en el cuidado emocional y espiritual de aquellos/as a quienes servimos.

Carlos Asdrúbal Sánchez es un capellán endosado y pastor ordenado en la tradición bautista además de ser un Supervisor de educación para la formación de capellanes y consejeros pastorales.


Diversity, Racial Justice and CBF’s Way Forward

Location: Pegasus A

In the fall of 2021, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) and PRRI worked to survey CBF clergy and membership on issues of diversity and racial reconciliation. This workshop highlights important findings from the survey and provides a snapshot of how CBF clergy and members are feeling about racial justice and racial reconciliation, what their churches are doing, what they wish the churches would do, and what they would like to see in the future.

Kasey Jones serves as Associate Coordinator for Outreach and Growth for CBF. Rev. Jones approaches her work with the belief that the church has a role to play in God’s transformative work in the community.
Stephen Reeves serves as director of advocacy for CBF and as executive director of Fellowship Southwest.


How Women in Ministry Can Support Victims/Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Location: Reverchon B

Women in Ministry are vital in the response to domestic abuse. With one in four women a victim of abuse, it is certain that victims and survivors are sitting in our pews and needing our help. Learn more about how we can support the victims in our congregations and become a part of the imperative need for change.

Rev. Geneece Goertzen is an ordained minister, a graduate of Baylor University with MDiv/MSW degrees, former intern for the Center for Church and Community Impact at the Garland School of Social Work, and a survivor of domestic abuse.


Howard Thurman and an African-American Baptist Mystic’s Way of Prayer

Location: Sanger B

How many African-American Baptist mystics do you know? Come and be introduced to one and to his teachings on prayer and receive fresh theological and experiential insights into Christian formation. Increase your Baptist, race and prayer horizons all in one session.

Loyd Allen has taught spiritual formation and Baptist history at Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology for 25 years.


Mission Distinctives Bible Studies: Teaching, Planning and Resources

Location: Cumberland L

CBF field personnel cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ and seek transformational development in the contexts of global poverty, global migration and the global church. These six mission distinctives serve as the foundation for CBF Global Missions. Come and hear from CBF Field Personnel and authors Dianne and Shane McNary how the new Mission Distinctives Bible Study can benefit your congregation and its mission efforts.

Ellen Sechrest is Manager of Global Missions Engagement for CBF.
Marcy Mynatt is Associate Pastor of Providence Baptist Church, Hendersonville, N.C.
Dianne and Shane McNary are CBF Field Personnel serving in Slovakia.


Permanent Transition: Seeking Spiritual Stability amid Changing Cultures

Location: Pegasus B

At a time when change seems normative, permanence elusive, and conflict perpetual, what options might congregations pursue for re-forming identity, responding to specific needs a flexibility of place and a gospel hospitality of grace? What biblical and historical tools might offer clues for action?

Bill J. Leonard is Professor of Divinity Emeritus, School of Divinity, Wake Forest University.


Sick and Tired? How Congregational Leaders Are Faring

Location: Cumberland J

Explore research on leadership amid the pandemic. Hear stories of ministry resilience. Learn about a depleted workforce, exhausted parents, departed pastors and languishing lay leaders longing to support their churches in crisis. A panel of pastors will lead a discussion on the implications for churches, theological education and the Fellowship.

Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed is Visiting Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care, Union Theological Seminary, New York City. She is Co-director of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, founder and host of the Three Minute Ministry Mentor, and author of Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life (2021).
Rev. Dr. Jake Hall directs initiatives in faith and culture at the The Eula Mae and John Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership, Mercer University and hosts Gospel Gothic, a weekly Americana radio show exploring music and theology.


Social Media as Ministry, Not Marketing

Location: Reverchon A

Discover how to be strategy-driven in the social media space. Learn how to meet the needs of those who follow you instead of always promoting the perceived needs of your church. For churches, social media should not be a marketing tool; it should become a platform for ministry.

Christen Kinard is the Founder of Digital Congregations and helps communities of faith connect online.


TENx10’s Discipleship Roadmap: Seven Keys to Effective Youth Discipleship

Location: Moreno B

As a youth minister or youth leader, do you ever feel like you’re scrambling each week to prepare for the NEXT thing in your youth ministry? Join us as we think practically about how to go from short-term scrambling to long-term strategy by focusing on the seven key areas of TENx10’s proven roadmap to help youth become lifelong disciples.

Andy Jung is the Director of Church Engagement, Fuller Youth Institute and Ministry Specialist, CBF North Carolina.


This is My Story: Understanding Systemic Injustice Through Your Personal Journey

Location: Moreno A

Where are you on your journey to exploring unexamined privilege and building equitable and sustainable relationships? Participants will discover how their personal stories empower new knowledge and heightened awareness that can build community and expand church growth through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Daynette Snead Perez is the Domestic Disaster Response Manager for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, an ordained minister, and Founder of DIASPRA, an intercultural-focused ministry dedicated to equipping churches to build new relationships and encouraging church growth for the sake of the gospel.


Thou Shalt Talk about Vaccinations

Location: Gaston B

Clergy and lay leaders are invited to join us to learn how to advocate for COVID vaccinations in their congregations and communities. We will discuss why Black pastors and white pastors are perceived to have different approaches to advocating for vaccinations with the hope that we all can learn better ways of getting more of those in our congregations and communities vaccinated.

Dewey Williams is Pastor of Mt. Bright Missionary Baptist Church, Hillsborough, N.C.
Curtis Freeman is Research Professor of Theology and Baptist Studies, Duke Divinity School, Durham, N.C.


Using Children’s Literature in the Church

Location: Sanger A

Picture books are a great way to start a Sunday school lesson, to introduce a children’s sermon, or even to share with an entire congregation to begin a conversation. We will discuss practical ideas for how to incorporate excellent children’s literature, especially picture books, in all areas of worship. Whether it is addressing a particular topic or a exploring a season of the church calendar, we have ideas to help you get started on this journey of using children’s literature in the church.

Kari Baumann is a School Librarian, student at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, and Pastoral Intern and Pastor to Children and Families at College Park Baptist Church, Greensboro, N.C.


When the Church Reimagines Abundance through Rural Community Capitals

Location: Gaston A

Attendees will name and notice resources in their communities through the framework of Community Capitals. Participants will examine each of the Capitals, identify examples in their communities, and begin to reimagine the impact of the collective assets of their congregations. Viewing the community through abundance rather than scarcity is both a discovery-oriented process and a spiritual practice.

Brian Foreman is Executive Director for the Campbell University Center for Church & Community, which focuses on equipping congregational leaders in small and rural towns.

Thursday, June 30 — 1:30-2:30 p.m.


An Invitation from the Isla del Encanto: How to Engage Faithfully in Puerto Rico

Location: Cumberland I

We invite you to come and learn about the new doors being opened in Puerto Rico for pastoral partnership and missions. Discover how to get to know and join the Puerto Rican people, even bringing a missions team there, to carry out the mission of the Kingdom.

Laura Ayala is the Pastor of the historical First Baptist Church Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, the first Baptist church established on the island, and is a member of the CBF Latino Network-FAMILIA.


The Byproduct of Humor and Laughter Is Joy in Worship

Location: Moreno B

Come and see how humor can be used to approach serious and sometimes uncomfortable subjects such as stewardship. Learn innovative ways the church can utilize talents among its members and discover new gifts and how to encourage presenters to “step outside their comfort zones” and use creativity in different ways.

Boo Sheppard is a writer, director and performer who performs humorous monologues and holds workshops for churches throughout the Southeast


Come and See What God Is Doing in Europe

Location: Cumberland J

Join CBF Field Personnel to hear how God has used the contributions of congregations to grow God’s Kingdom in Europe. This interactive session will include brief “thank you” videos made by Europeans. Participants will discuss what individuals and churches might learn from that growth and apply in their own settings.

Veton Kodra is a Missions Partner of Alicia and Jeff Lee in North Macedonia.
Alicia and Jeff Lee serve as CBF Field Personnel in North Macedonia.
Dianne McNary serves as CBF Field Personnel in Slovakia.
Mary VanRheenen and her husband, Keith Holmes, serve as CBF Field Personnel in The Netherlands.


Leaving Church: The Great Baptist Resignation

Location: Pegasus B

Alarmed by the rising number of resignations of Baptist pastors, Pam Durso and Carol McEntyre invited Baptist pastors who left their congregations between July 1, 2020, and Oct. 17, 2021, to participate in a survey. Over 100 pastors responded. This session will highlight data and learnings from the survey.

Pam Durso is President of Central Seminary, Shawnee, Kansas.
Carol McEntyre is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Columbia, MO, and is immediate Past Moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


Look Again: Slow Looking as a Spiritual Discipline

Location: Reverchon A

Inspired by the text of Psalm 66, leaders will invite us to consider music and the visual arts as a way to engage the senses and reflect on the various artistic gateways to access the Divine. Examine the concept of seeing, and explore how “slow looking” can shift our perspective, drawing us closer to God and to one another. Singing will be included. All are welcome!

Juliana Monteiro, M.S.Ed., is an artist and art teacher at Hondo High School. She is a deacon at Trinity Baptist Church, San Antonio.
Maria Monteiro, Ph.D., teaches church music at Baylor University and is Music Director at Primera Iglesia Bautista Mexicana de San Antonio (First Mexican Baptist Church of San Antonio)


Major Liability or Potential Asset? Re-Envisioning Church Property and Facilities

Location: Reverchon B

Shrinking attendance, deferred maintenance and vast amounts of unused space have become major burdens for modern congregations. At the same time, some churches are doing amazing things by re-imagining their property and facilities as an asset. Hear the stories of some CBF partner churches and the creative work they have done with their property and facilities. You will also be introduced to a new CBF resource focused on this subject.

Rickey Letson, CBF Congregational Stewardship Officer, will be joined by a panel of CBF Ministers featured in the new resource “Sacred Spaces, Innovative Places.”


The McCall Initiative Approach to Racial Repair Work that is Relationship and Data-driven

Location: Pegasus A

Black faith voices matter to the strategy and the planning of the racial repair work of CBF. This workshop will explore how CBF’s McCall Initiative seeks to construct and design a Racial Repair strategy and culturally relevant programming that is informed and led by CBF Black Church partners and convenings.

Kasey Jones serves as Associate Coordinator for Outreach and Growth for CBF. Rev. Jones approaches her work with the belief that the church has a role to play in God’s transformative work in the community.
Pamela Jolly is a strategist for the CBF racial repair work and serves as CEO of Torch Enterprises Inc. Dr. Jolly is a best-selling author and has authored five books on the topic of legacy wealth in the black community.


Missional Advocacy: Helping Us Understand Food Insecurity and How We Can Respond

Location: Cumberland K

Join CBF Global Missions and CBF Advocacy for an important conversation about how we can respond to hunger. Hear from national leaders in addressing food insecurity and practitioners who can offer real steps for congregations to engage in addressing hunger and food insecurity.

Eugene Cho is President/CEO of Bread for the World, a CBF partner and a collective Christian voice working to urge our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and around the world.
Jeremy Everett is the founder and executive director of the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty.
Scarlette Jasper is a CBF Field Personnel in Appalachia and the Director of Olive Branch Ministries, Somerset, Ky.
Ellen Sechrest is Manager of Global Missions Engagement, CBF.
John Mark Boes is Advocacy Engagement and Programs Manager, CBF.


Open Spaces: Looking Beyond Sunday to Create Young Adult Communities

Location: Cockrell

The pandemic has opened up many spaces in our churches, spaces in which young adults can thrive. Churches need to learn to develop open space policies which invite the powerful gifts of young adults to worship and minister as equals. Join us as we discuss examples of open space ministry and help us dream about ways young adults can add their powerful gifts to our beloved communities.

Wanda Kidd is Coordinator of College Engagement for CBF North Carolina.
Kristin McAtee is the Associate Pastor of Spring Creek Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Okla.
Devita Parnell is Director of the Young Baptist Ecosystem for CBF.


Protecting Your Church’s Children from Abuse

Location: Moreno A

Faith flourishes in safe environments. Learn about CBF-partner GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) and GRACE’s Safeguarding Initiative that offers comprehensive training for churches, including policy development, building assessment, and whole-church instruction on preventing abuse. Discover best practices for protecting your church’s children from abuse.

Jay Kieve is the Director of Ministerial Transitions and Abuse Prevention and Response Advocate, CBF.
Mike Sloan is the Director of GRACE’s Safeguarding Certification program.


Questions Are the Goal: Teaching Children with Autonomy and Connectivity

Location: Sanger A

Amidst changing culture and teaching practices, children’s Sunday school should seek to share information and foster a sense of belonging within a church and faith tradition. Join us as we discuss ways to promote autonomy and connectivity in children’s ministry in any learning environment.

Harrison Litzell is the Leadership Associate for Children and Family Ministries at the Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership, and is Pastor of Emerging Generations for The Faith Community in Atlanta, Ga.


Transforming Rural America through Church Engagement: The Together for Hope Model

Location: Cumberland L

Have you ever wondered how your church could partner with Together for Hope? Learn about different levels of engagement from a congregational perspective. From Capstone Congregations to Foundation Congregations, Together for Hope is offering an entire flight of resources to churches who engage at a partnership level.

Jason Coker is President of Together for Hope and Coordinator, CBF Mississippi.


Understanding White Christian Nationalism

Location: Gaston A

White Christian Nationalism, front-and-center in the January 6 Capitol insurrection, is a clear and present danger to both Jesus-centric Christianity and American democracy. This session will provide a basic understanding of Christian nationalism and suggest responses on the part of churches, clergy, laity and citizens.

Bruce Gourley is an author and historian, the Managing Editor of Publications at Good Faith Media, and Instructor at Montana State University.


Virtually Church

Location: Gaston B

In March 2020, many of us rushed our churches to online worship and virtual small group meetings and are still navigating this technological world today. Church leaders who are struggling to find meaningful ways for their community to connect and worship in our technological age will be prompted to consider how their church’s values can be lived out in new ways.

Taylor Mason is the Associate Pastor of Students and Community Engagement at Kirkwood Baptist Church, St. Louis Missouri.

Thursday, June 30 — 3:00-4:00 p.m.


Bearing Witness and Finding Healing

Location: Reverchon B

As the whole world changed over the past last two years, many of us have kept our thoughts and emotions to ourselves. In this sacred space, come and share what you’ve been going through as clergy or laypersons, hearing each other and listening deeply, as we share some helpful spiritual practices.

Courtney Stamey is Senior Pastor at Northside Baptist Church, Clinton, Miss., and is a graduate of Wake Forest University School of Divinity.
Laurel Cluthe serves as Pastor of Families at Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, Mo., and she is a graduate of Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary.


Beyond Polarization: The Church as Counter-Culture

Location: Cumberland J

What if the Church could offer a counter-cultural witness to American political toxicity that was more robust than simply avoiding difficult conversations? Addressing the acute need to help ministers and congregations manage political diversity, this workshop is designed to help people consider alternative approaches to managing convictional diversity and the conflict it often produces. We’ll discuss biblical resources for addressing such conflict and talk about ways that congregations can foster a congregational culture (and the structures which undergird that culture) that is capable of resisting polarization.

Matt Cook serves as the Assistant Director of the Center for Healthy Churches.


CBF Podcast Presents: The Inclusive Church for the Neurodiverse and Persons of All Abilities

Location: Pegasus B

Do you think you have an inclusive church? Are the members and ministry staff prepared to minister to and with the neurodiverse and those of varied abilities? What about advocating for their needs and rights? The CBF Podcast will host a dialogue with Christy Edwards and Andy Hale about becoming inclusive and being advocates for the neurodiverse and persons of all abilities.

Christy Edwards is a board-certified pediatric hospital chaplain living in Liberty, Mo., with her husband, Jason, and their three children.
Andy Hale is the creator and host of the CBF Podcast, Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, La., a Doctor of Leadership candidate, and an organizational consultant and coach.


CBF Response to the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Location: Moreno B

Since the crisis in Afghanistan in August 2021, CBF Field Personnel have been working to help Afghan Refugees who have been unexpectedly displaced, finding themselves in the U.S. and other countries. Come hear the stories of the Afghan refugees these Field Personnel have met and how they are working in different ways to give them hope. Discuss ways to help Afghans in your city and around the world.

Rick and Lita Sample are CBF Field Personnel serving in the San Francisco Bay Area among Afghan refugees and other internationals
Karen Morrow is a CBF Field Personnel serving among Internationals in Fort Worth, Texas


Congregational Podcasting: Reimagining Christian Community

Location: Reverchon A

Covering the phases of planning, recording, editing, posting, and distributing, participants will learn the full scope of podcasting. Become informed about time expectations, equipment, costs and concepts for generating content and involving church members of all ages by exploring different types of podcasts – devotionals, conversations and interviews.

Frank Granger is the Minister of Christian Community, FBC Athens, Georgia.
Jennifer Baxley is a layperson at FBC Athens, serving as a deacon and active participant in the music ministry.


Friends of Justice

Location: Gaston B

Friends of Justice emerged as a coalition of defendant’s families and other concerned citizens who fight for defendants being prosecuted on faulty evidence. Because of the work of Friends of Justice, the Texas Legislature passed the Tulia Corroboration Bill, which has led to the exoneration of dozens of innocent people by raising the evidentiary standards for undercover testimony. In 2019, Friends of Justice was honored with CBF’s inaugural McCall Racial Justice Trailblazer Award.

Alan Bean serves as Executive Director of Friends of Justice, an organization that creates a powerful synergy between grassroots organizing, civil rights advocacy, the legal community, the mass media and ultimately the political establishment.


Getting Started on Eco-Stewardship in the Local Church

Location: Cumberland L

Get started with practical ideas for faithful creation stewardship! Come and hear from one CBF congregation about their eco-stewardship journey and learn how to reduce church costs, educate all ages and discuss ideas and resources to assist congregations in conversations about caring for and restoring the environment.

Jeni Cook Furr is a retired minister and member of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.
Ray Cook Furr is a retired minister and member of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.
Mike Massar is Associate Pastor of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.
Garrett Vickrey is Senior Pastor of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.


Ministries of Advocacy—What Churches Can and Should Do

Location: Pegasus A

Join CBF Advocacy to learn how your congregation can begin or enhance a ministry of advocacy that offers the hope of Jesus Christ to your community with concrete steps churches can take that shows our love for our neighbors.

Stephen Reeves serves as Director of Advocacy for CBF and is Executive Director of Fellowship Southwest.
John Mark Boes is Advocacy Engagement and Programs Manager, CBF.
Chrissy Tatum Williamson is Senior Pastor of Greystone Baptist Church, Raleigh, N.C.


Reimagining Recess: How Play Can Bring Us Back Together

Location: Sanger A

Looking for new ways to engage youth in your ministry or community? The Association of Washington Student Leaders’ Reimaging Recess workshop is a space to learn inclusive team- building activities, equitable conflict resolution strategies and culturally responsive concepts that transfer seamlessly from school to the broader community, aiming to foster a greater sense of belonging.

Layla Jasper, originally from Kentucky, is a graduate of Georgetown College. She now lives in Washington where she is the Associate Director of the Association of Washington Student Leaders.
Scarlette Jasper is a CBF field personnel in Appalachia and is the Director of Olive Branch Ministries where she serves her community in a variety of ways from case management to financial counseling.


Scattered or Gathered: Didactic Displacement

Location: Cockrell

As a seminarian, emerging minister, or young faith leader, how did Covid-19 impact your spiritual formation? Were there any lessons about faith and religious community that the pandemic brought to the fore? Did social distancing teach us anything about the value of gathering as a community of faith? How did Zoom church or Zoom class shape your faith journey over these last two years? This workshop will explore these questions and more! Gathering the lessons of where we’ve been, might help us better know where we need to go! Come join us!

Co’Relous Bryant is a licensed minister who completed his theological education and training at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. Co’Relous is a proud CBF Vestal Scholar and Ministry Associate at Metro Baptist Church in NYC.


The Ties that Bind: Joining Community and Church Engagement

Location: Moreno A

The work of churches has become more visible in communities in recent times. We will explore ways to “bind” the work of church and community to better engage and build the capacity of faith-based and community organizations. Participants will learn how to support sustainable capacity-building efforts beyond funding, leaving the session with workable steps to implement in their ministry.

L Nicole Stringfellow is the Regional Vice President for the Delta with Together for Hope with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Her professional and academic background includes a 20-year career in service learning and community development.
Angela Carson is the Assistant to the Regional Vice President for the Delta with Together for Hope. Her professional and academic background includes more than 20 years as a community development consultant, trainer and coach.


Thinking Biblically about Immigration

Location: Cumberland K

Learn about God’s heart for migrants and the struggles this population faces during their journeys. Immerse yourself in the migrant’s experience, and reflect on the biblical basis that reveals God’s zeal for those who are forced to leave their native lands.

Brenda Kirk serves as a consultant for both the Evangelical Immigration Table and the National Immigration Forum for the South-Central region, serving Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
Elket Rodríguez is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Field Personnel serving the communities and the migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border.


“This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Church!”

Location: Sanger B

“This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Church!” is a presentation of research material, real-life situations and relevant information to help bring about a better understanding of the interplay occurring between the young adults of today and the church. “This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Church!” will present attendees an actual picture of what is and what is not occurring within the local church and how to ameliorate a change to bring about generational unity to their own church community.

Coach J. Livingston is the Pastor of Remnant Fellowship in Forest Park, Ga., a church seeking to engage, nurture, restore, and equip young adults for Christian leadership.


Uno Gana Uno

Location: Cumberland I

En Uno Gana Uno se simplifica y se presenta una manera de animar a su iglesia para la tarea de evangelizar. Entre los conceptos que se aprenderán: El Efecto Dominó, Los Cuatro Campos, Mapa de Mi Vecindad, 4 Leyes Espirituales, Tres Círculos y la Estrategia I-3.

Roland Johnson es pastor de la Primera Iglesia Bautista en Keller, Texas.


What’s Your Plan? Financial Wellness Strategies for Clergy

Location: Gaston A

Making decisions for one’s financial future is easier with a little help. That’s why CBF Church Benefits offers incentives through the Financial Wellness Initiative to help clergy design and implement a financial plan. Join Rob Fox and Jim Morrison to consider how to build a financial plan and implement incentives to help you map your financial future.

Rob Fox serves as the President of CBF Church Benefits.
Jim Morrison serves as Director of the Financial Wellness Initiative, CBF Church Benefits.