Young Baptists

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We are creative. We are bold. We are risk-takers. We are seekers. We are change-makers. We are dreamers. We are gifted. We are passionate. We believe we can change the world. We are activists. We are leaders. We are young —and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is our network and faith family.

Resourcing and networking young Baptists for the Christian journey is at the heart of CBF's Young Baptist ecosystem. Through experiences, ministries, programs, connections and local church support, CBF is encouraging and creating an environment in which young adults can thrive, be energized and have opportunities to give life to the world around them as they use their gifts in service of God and others.

Young Baptists matter. CBF knows that. Let's get started — together. How will you connect?

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Latest News & Opportunities

  • Part of God’s Story

    By Jana Atkinson The idea that I am a part of God’s story is something I never thought or believed until Jesus came in and radically changed my perspective. We live in a world that is full of broken people. I spent a great deal of my life as one […]

  • CBF Podcast: Sissy Goff, Beating Teen’s Anxiety and Worry

    By Andy Hale We are nearing that time of year again, in which a sea of high school seniors will graduate and move on to the next chapter of their lives. Some will go off to college, others to trade schools, some to the workforce, others to travel […]

  • A Liturgy of Finishing

    By Chris West A few years ago, I found myself at a conference in Salt Lake City, Utah surrounded by interesting folks from all around the world. It was a blast!  Then, something really incredible happened: I met Jon Acuff. For those of you that […]