Young Baptists

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We are creative. We are bold. We are risk-takers. We are seekers. We are change-makers. We are dreamers. We are gifted. We are passionate. We believe we can change the world. We are activists. We are leaders. We are young —and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is our network and faith family.

Resourcing and networking young Baptists for the Christian journey is at the heart of CBF's Young Baptist ecosystem. Through experiences, ministries, programs, connections and local church support, CBF is encouraging and creating an environment in which young adults can thrive, be energized and have opportunities to give life to the world around them as they use their gifts in service of God and others.

Young Baptists matter. CBF knows that. Let's get started — together. How will you connect?

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Latest News & Opportunities

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    By JJ Dickinson This semester for the midterm in my Baptist class, I wrote a children’s book about important women of the Baptist faith. Some of them, like Anne Hutchinson and Beth Moore, I knew a lot about. Others, like Martha Stearns Marshall, I […]

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    “If you want a definition of water, don’t ask a fish.” This was an ancient Chinese proverb included in John M. Bracke and Karen B. Tye’s book, Teaching the Bible in the Church. This proverb captivated me and helped me understand that I was […]

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    By Sarah Hemberger Let’s talk about what scares you. I don’t mean the kind of scared you get when watching those horror movies this time of year or the sudden jolt you feel when someone jumps out and surprises you. No. I’m talking about […]